The Time We Were Not In Love: Episode 3-4

time in love

All good things must come to an end. Well I was not feeling anything so it’s okay for me but poor Ha na got her heart crushed by the intern. See there was a reason this couple was not clicking for me. Can now Ha na open her eyes and see the guy in front of her? She clearly gets jealous when she sees the clingy girl with Won. And can Won open the door that he is trying to close and say what’s in his heart? 17 years is a long time to hide your feelings well half of it is Ha na’s fault. She is oblivious to Won’s feelings. I mean look at Won and you will see feelings for you. Then again it is said that love is blind but why is the other person blind here? At the end of the day they both rely on each other so why can’t they understand that it means something? Finally, something was going to happen between them but NOOOOO

and our second male lead has appeared and he was once a part of Ha na’s life and Won is clearly not liking his appearance back. And clingy girl please do something so I like you.

I really like Ha na’s family. They are trying to put Ha na and Won together. I hope they won’t stop their plan until they are successful.


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