The Time We Were Not In Love: Episode 1-2

the time i loved you The Time We Were Not In Love or The Time I Loved You. So what’s the real title?Anyways, what’s in the name right? The drama is a remake of the Taiwanese drama, “In Time With You”. I tried watching the Taiwanese version couple of times but couldn’t. I wonder why I couldn’t click with it? Maybe drama gods wanted me to watch the remake.

Onto the drama. I really like the friendship between Ha na and Won. They are childhood friends. What’s the big deal being 30 years old. The world doesn’t stop so why worry about everything in life. But Ha na does and on the other hand Won is a care free guy, that’s what he shows but the reality is different. The two friends make a deal, to find their soul mates before 35.

You can clearly see Won is in love with Ha na but for some reason is hiding it. I really don’t like the second female lead. She is clingy and the intern is like a younger brother protecting her older sister. I couldn’t feel the romantic vibes coming from him for Ha na. And I never bothered learning second lead’s names, for now. I will wait and bear as the story beats around the bush until our leads get together.


3 comments on “The Time We Were Not In Love: Episode 1-2

  1. Blue says:

    I’m enjoying the drama so far as well. 🙂 I like the 2nd lead, but clearly he doesn’t look 26 years old, then again some ppl look younger than they really are. I wonder as well why the guy told her he would never love her. Also, I agree that he seems not to care about age but really does!

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