Mask: Episode 10


Trust! Oh trust! Why are you broken so easily? What should be done to mend you? Why can’t you be mended the way you were before?

All of a sudden I’m writing a poem on trust not because I’m crazy but Min woo is, I mean because Seok hoon…! Why is everything going according to his plan? Why is he so good at manipulating others? He can read everything and everyone but his wife. Mi yeon knows her husband is behind the happenings but what’s strange is her behavior. At one moment she doesn’t care about Min woo and the next she is worried about her younger brother. The whole family is messed up. The head of the house doesn’t believe in his own son but a stranger (maid). Step mom’s fake concerns are enough to roll your eyes. Ji sook is stuck in this situation to help her family and phew her brother never told his parents that Ji sook is alive just that she had an insurance and that’s where the money is from.

Ji sook can’t ignore her husband being pushed into a corner and now she knows that the doc is also Seok hoon’s man. Yipeee. Go Ji sook protect your man and crush Seok hoon and later our hearts will be crushed too when your real identity will be revealed but by then Min woo and you would have a real trustworthy relationship and nothing could harm you, is what I hope and pray for.


5 comments on “Mask: Episode 10

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  2. Lola Paloma says:

    It’s not drama if things can be mended easily in this future situation when all is revealed as to whom Seo Eun-Ha aka Ji Sook really is.

    Anyway I am happy that Ji Sook step up to save her husband .. she has to acknowledge the power she has. Today is Tuesday and I kept on asking people around me ..”Today is Wednesday right?” .. that is how sick I am waiting for the 11th episode.

    Miss Khan, I am also watching Hello Monster aka I Remember You. What else in your plate besides Mask? 🙂


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