Surkh Jora: Episode 7-8


Why does this drama air once a week, WHY? Though I don’t watch it like that, I watch two episodes together so my wait is more painful.

I knew something like this would happen. Roman’s state of mind was dangerous. I wanted Abeha to tell her parents or mother-in-law or anyone about Roman but she never did. She thought everything would be normal once this phase passes but who knew it would cost both of them their lives.

How come Anaya knew what Abeha was wearing at the party? Anyways it’s because of Anaya that Roman leaves his meeting and rushes back to his wife. Abeha is scared to see him. Without listening to anything Roman insults Abeha and then slaps her in front of her family and friends. But the torture doesn’t end here. He takes her to a road full of pebbles and orders her to remove her sandals and makes her walk on them. Poor girl cries in pain and begs him to forgive her but he won’t and then he sees blood coming from her feet and then he starts crying and apologizing. What the actual heck?

Abeha’s parents thought she was living a happy married life and they are shocked to know she is living in a nightmare. They decide to bring Abeha back home as they can’t see tears in her eyes. Who would have thought, they wont ever see Abeha again.

Finally, we get to know that Anaya was Roman’s ex-wife. But we still don’t know why she is the one hell-bent on revenge when she cheated on her husband?

Roman complains to her mother about Abeha and her disobedience to him. She keeps doing everything he hates and then his mother tells him that Abeha wore the dress because she asked her to. Roman feels guilty to what he has done and injuries himself. But the guilt is too much for him. He takes a gun from the closet. Eeppp why do you have this!?! Abeha sees Roman holding the gun to his temple and in the struggle the gun goes off. Abeha dies and Roman falls into a coma.

Abeha’s twin, Zimil comes back after learning about her sister’s death and now I think Roman will think she is Abeha and she will treat him because she is becoming a psychiatrist. What about Sayam? He likes Zimil. Will Zimil fall in love with her sister’s killer? What would be Roman’s reaction after learning about Abeha’s death? Will he blame himself and end his life?


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