Mask: Episode 6


Love is the moment” is happening and I totally don’t mind at all. Seok hoon loves the face of Ji sook because it reminds him of Eun ha but for Min woo, he doesn’t love her face. He is falling for her personality. Hurrah!! Hurrah!! I mean oh shucks! The pain of betrayal will hurt so much.

Things almost got out of hands but since we have many episodes left the secrets will stay hidden for some more time. Seok hoon changed the DNA test in time to prevent major failing of his plan. Ji sook pretends she doesn’t know her brother but her reaction and expression speaks more than her words. Mi yeon wonders if it’s her younger boyfriend and Sook hoon jumps in with the idea of stalker. Min woo tries to remain calm but gets jealous.

Mi yeon treats Eun ha badly and her brother sees them. Mi yeon with her theory of boyfriend talks to Ji sook’s brother and joins hand in making the couple divorce. But then later she changes her mind after looking Seok hoon’s and Eun ha’s pictures together and suddenly she wishes the couple to fall in love for real.

Eeeppp Seok hoon is an effin creepy stalker. He has hacked into Min woo’s laptop’s webcam eeppp. Ji sook gets a shock when the maids come to clean the mess Min woo created and tell that Seok hoon has sent them. Tell your hubby about this girl, like effin right now! Did Seok hoon saw Min woo carrying Ji sook to his bed? Was Min woo’s laptop on at that time?

Ji sook gives her brother money to pay the debts and not to bother her anymore but he rips the envelope and promises never to appear in front of her again. She is clearly heartbroken and want to end all the lies.

Its Min woo’s mother’s death anniversary and Min woo takes Ji sook to meet his mother and plays violin for her. Ji sook drops her ring into the river and almost drowns herself but Min woo saves her. Mi yeon has tampered with Min woo’s car and so it stops in the middle of nowhere with no signals on the cellphone. Ji sook feels cold and Min woo gives her his coat but it’s clearly not enough. Seok hoon almost had a heart attack after learning what wifey has done. He rushes out to help the couple (Ji sook). Mi yeon asks him to stop if he loves her. He says he does and runs out of the room. Yup he loves your money. I wonder how and why they got married? He was poor, she was rich. Was she in love with him genuinely? And now she is seeing his true colors.

Seok hoon arrives to the couples’ car and a smirk appears on his face. Min woo is embracing Ji sook, naked. Seok hoon’s plan is moving forward but then his smirk disappears and dissatisfaction appears on his face. Ohhhhh you don’t like this Seok hoon? Why? Have you fallen in love with the face or the girl?


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