Mask: Episode 5


Plans plans and plans everywhere but who will be the winner? Will Seok hoon fail in his own plan? Duh yes, because he is evil and evil never wins or that’s what we have been told. Seok hoon loses this round and that definitely does not mean he is going to back off. It’s for the better because I have allergy from useless villains.

Seok hoon makes foolproof plan for Min woo to fail miserably and what fails is the plan and Min woo passes with flying colors and even gets a chance to dance with his wife. Ji sook is changing him and he is letting her change and for the change he carries her to his bed but of course she was sleeping.

Ji sook’s mom wakes up and tells how she saw Ji sook and doctors think it’s because of the injury. Ji sook’s brother gets shocking news from his friend after looking at Eun ha’s sign on admit papers, that there is a woman identical to his sister.

Seok hoon’s wife, Mi yeon is suspicious of him and he is aware of that. He makes up a story that Eun ha was finding her caretaker. This clue is enough for Mi yeon, she and her mother decides to do a secret DNA test. Everything had to be revealed in one day. Ji sook’s brother comes looking for his sister at the party and at the same time the DNA result is in evil mommies hand. Oh God!…oh God!


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