Surkh Jora: Episode 5-6


Why does Abeha want to stay with a person who is insane? Like why girl, do you have a wish for domestic violence or something? Finally, we know why Roman is crazy but no idea why Anaya is cuckoo when she is the one who was a two timer.

Roman hates people and guests. He doesn’t like anyone and doesn’t care if the guests will hear him. Abeha wants to go to her parents house to stay and of course Roman gets angry. Her parents can visit her but she isn’t leaving. Roman’s mother knows her son’s temperament and still asks Abeha to wear a dark colored suit and of course Roman will like it no? The moment he looks at her, he starts yelling and shouting and scares the hell out of her and then drags her and drops her in the middle of nowhere. A suspicious car marks Abeha and then Roman to the rescue. WTF! He gives her a bouquet and an “I’m sorry” card and asks her to forgive him and promises he wont do it again.
Abeha lies to her father about not asking the permission when he asks her to come home with him. Abeha decides it’s for the best if she puts all the things away that make her husband unhappy and this makes Roman happy. And he again makes her promise not to leave her.
Its Abeha’s parents wedding anniversary and Roman has to go out of the city for the day. He gives her permission but she has to return before he comes back. Abeha’s mother wishes her daughter to wear the red colored dress but Abeha can’t because of her husband but her mother-in-law says she will handle her son. Right, like you did before!
Anyways, Abeha dresses according to her mother’s wish and arrives at the party. Roman on the other hand is done with his meeting and suddenly he hears Anaya’s voice?(is it in his head or…) saying his wife is doing the same as Anaya did before. Oh God! Oh God!

On to why Roman hates dark color and specially red. It was the time when Roman and Anaya were together (husband? Lover? Bff?) and he asked her to wear his favorite red color on her birthday but she wore Ishan’s favorite dark color and Roman saw the two of them. It made him angry and sad and he cried. What that’s it??? Anaya was two timing, yes, but he hates red color because of this?


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