Mask: Episode 4


It’s nice to see Seok hoon wavering in his own plan. He knows Ji sook is not Eun ha but still he is feeling something for her. Hurray!hurray! Ji sook will never fall for him…I think.

Min woo and Eun ha are married and Min woo tell her three rules. She can’t sleep on his bed nor will she make any noise in the room and she is never to enter his personal room. Hmm I think you have hidden the key to that special room, no? Seok hoon makes plan so Min woo can’t be the heir and asks Eun ha to make him trust her and to go forward with the physical touch.
Ji sook’s identity almost comes out to her friends but she composes herself. Ji sook’s brother works for the loan shark to pay the debt.

Ji sook’s mother disappears. Ji sook asks Seok hoon for help. He will help but she has to disrupt a very important meeting but Ji sook soon learns he is not helping her and so she takes off in anger, Min woo goes after her and Seok hoon after them…dejavu? Seok hoon’s minion stops Min woo and Seok hoon alone chases Ji sook and gets into an accident. Ji sook helps him because she is a nice person but she won’t stop until she finds her mother. Ji sook reaches her neighborhood and searches for her mother. Seok hoon’s minion is there too but to run over her but Min woo saves her in time. Ji sook asks Min woo’s help in return of anything he wants. Ji sook’s family and Ji sook arrive at the same destination to find her mother and Ji sook is the first one to find her mother. A quick flashback shows Ji sook had an older sister but she died. Ji sook and Eun ha were twins for real? Anyways Min woo just stares as Ji sook cries with her mother.


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