Surkh Jora: Episode 3-4

vlcsnap-2015-05-30-20h34m31s103Crazy alert!!….psycho alert!!…calling for help!!!

I just can’t understand Anaya at all. We are not getting the back story for her. Why does she want to take revenge on Roman? And if they were lovers then what went wrong? Why the both of them are broken?

P.S. This drama is based on a true story.

Anaya becomes the party popper and crashes into the hotel of the newly weds but she gets the bad news, they never checked in. It’s a surprise that she got this info from uncle Jam, a mentally challenged guy.

Roman took Abeha to the farm-house instead of the hotel. He asks her to change and reminds her to be simple. Abeha talks to her aunt and Roman comes from behind with a scary look on his face. He tells her to talk to him if she wants to talk to someone and not anyone else. Abeha is clearly scared.

Roman’s scary nature doesn’t end here. Abeha takes out a red dress and applies red lipstick and Roman goes crazy. He throws the dress and yells her to be the way he wants her to and smears her lipstick and suddenly calms down and notices Abeha’s hand bleeding. He brings ice but by then she is gone. He tries to find her everywhere high and low but she is nowhere to be found. He tells his mother about Abeha’s disappearance.

Anaya gets the new info from uncle Jam about Roman at the farmhouse but the gatekeeper won’t let her in.

Roman comes back home dejected and in tears. He wishes Anaya to come back and his prayers are answered. Abeha is in the house. She starts crying, she was scared because she couldn’t find him. Roman says the same thing. He wanted to tell the reason he goes crazy but Abeha wants to go back home and that’s how the honeymoon ended but they never told where Abeha was!. On the way back home Roman stops at a motel to stay the night. He makes Abeha promise not to leave him ever.

Roman has seriously some issues and I want to know. Abeha prepares the table for the breakfast and waits for Roman to join her. Mr Roman gets angry saying how can she start breakfast without him. Roman’s anger dies when his mother vouches for Abeha and then Roman smiles and apologizes. What the heck? Roman saying “sorry” every time and Abeha pretending nothing is wrong is so wrong.

We got a new character Attiya. Roman’s father helps her because her father had a heart attack and he passes away. This girl is strange. She is a doctor. Why didn’t you started the CPR? Why didn’t you call for the ambulance or drove to the hospital?

Zimil, Anaya’s twin sister is becoming a psychiatrist with his childhood friend Sayam. They bicker every time they are together. Sayam clearly likes her and gives her obvious hints but she ignores them knowingly.

I wonder when will they reveal the reason behind Roman and his mother’s behavior towards the father? And can Anaya do anything other than thinking about Roman?

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