Surkh Jora: Episode 1-2


سرخ جوڑا (Surkh Jora) Red Dress


(jora) جوڑا =dress

I recently started watching this new drama and have watched the first two episodes. And my verdict is that I want to continue because what you see might not be the truth and for the truth I have to follow the story.

The story starts with wedding *YAY* actually it starts with mehndi but anyways. The girl is Abeha and the guy is Roman and they met accidentally and he fell for her in a few moments. God knows how we found her later but that’s not important because the girl also likes him oh and Abeha has a habit of writing a diary.

Roman proposes to have Nikah on the day of mehndi and asks his mother-in-law to remove the flower jewelry from Abeha and she is not even allowed to apply mehndi on her hands because he likes her simple. You will hear this many more times. Roman doesn’t like dark colors and heavy makeup and jewelry and that’s why he chooses a light yellow-brownish dress for the wedding. Usually the bridal dress is red. Abeha doesn’t say anything but her expressions tell the true story.

Roman’s mother reveals a secret to Abeha that Roman is a patient of hypertension and sometimes he gets aggressive and then she gives her his medicine and the couple leaves for honeymoon.

For some reason Roman and his mother doesn’t have a close relationship with his father. The father is on a tour and he gets the news of his son’s wedding by his servant.

Abeha has a twin sister and she lives abroad. Abeha’s mother gave her other daughter to her sister because she doesn’t have a child.

For the sub plot we have Anaya and Ishan though I don’t know what their relationship is. Anaya is not happy that Roman got married. We don’t know what is her relationship with Roman either. She is mentally disturbed. She has depression. And I hate Ishan’s smirk. Stop smirking already.

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