Mask: Episode 2


So good, so good, so good, it’s really good. Now the drama is set and we got the puzzles that were needed. Lets the game begin. Seok hoon is one scary guy and Min woo knows he is not crazy but someone is making sure he is.

Min woo Sees Eun ha’s body floating in the pool. *flashback* Min woo’s mother drowned saving him. Some guys were chasing them and he hid from them holding his mother’s necklace *flashback ends*. Seok hoon jumps in the pool to save Eun ha and his wife watches with a bitchy face. Doc says it’s too late. Is she brain-dead? Seok hoon warns the doc not to tell anyone. Why? because Eun ha told Seok hoon about her doppelganger and wanted her to marry Min Woo. Seok hoon tells his minion to find the girl and she is easily found because she works in their mall.

Min woo’s family wants to know what happened at the pool. They are panicky because Eun ha’s parents are coming. Min woo doesn’t remember anything and someone deleted the CCTV footage.

Ji sook’s money is with Min woo (she accidentally put it in his bath rob) and she wants it back but actually Seok hoon took that money. Min woo and Ji sook decide to meet and Seok hoon does everything to stop and they are this close in seeing each other when Min woo sees a woman wearing a necklace same as his mother’s. He chases her and Ji sook chases him and Seok hoon chases both of them and in the end Min woo gets into an accident. His memory and eyes played trick on him because someone put something in his drink.

Ji sook takes Min woo to the hospital. She thinks he is pretending to be asleep and asks him to give the money back and leaves. Seok hoon grabs Ji sook and tries to make a deal with her. She has to take Eun ha’s place. Ji sook denies the offer.

Min woo asks his doctor to put him under hypnosis so he can know what happened at the pool. *He drank the wine from Eun ha’s glass and tried to strangle her.* was it because of the effect of the drugged drink?

Loan sharks destroy Ji sook’s house. Ji sook gives them money but witnesses a man’s death. She tries to run but gets caught. Loan shark puts handcuffs on her and puts the dead body in the trunk of the car but the guy is alive. Ji sook gets her hand freed by using her brain and takes off with the car with the injured man and thanks to him she gets caught again and this leads to her car falling from the cliff. She survives the fall and escapes from the car and someone saves her. Seok hoon?

Min woo visits Eun ha and she opens her eyes. Ehhh the girls are already switched!!!

I’m suspicious of everyone. Who is trying to make Min woo crazy? Is it one person or the whole family? Who was Min woo and his mother running from?

The one who sees the doppelganger first dies. Hmmm but it doesn’t say when and how early. I don’t believe in this. Prove it to me first.

Its a drama, calm down.


3 comments on “Mask: Episode 2

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  2. Blue says:

    I knew I wasn’t the only one who loved this show this much. I can’t even write a first impression yet because this started so well, I wonder how they’re gonna keep up this pace in the next epis, but I enjoy reading other posts. I’m suspicious of everyone too… but I think because the “mother” is the least suspectable based on how the characters are presented for now, she might be the worst or one of the worst. It seems the whole family is abusing him, why? I don’t know! Anyway, I’m happy to see someone as enthusiastic about this drama as I am 😀


    • Miss Khan says:

      its nice knowing I’m not the only one crazy here :p
      i think how they portrayed the mother in this episode makes her stand out more, like how she took the open bottle from Min woo. its like she is saying she is not the one behind the happenings. what if no one is bad and its all in Min woo’s head? I’m pretty sure the drama will go that way. yada yada, this will be depressing with the truth coming out about Ji sook. *prepares tissue papers in advance*

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