The Girl Who Sees Smells: Episode 1-2


My first drama after Kill Me Heal Me ^___^

The drama is light and fun with a little element of dark and theres a suspicious doctor.

Episode 1

Our heroine is Choi Eun sul. She comes from school to find her parents murdered and the murderer still in the house. She runs away from him and ends up getting in a car accident and falls into a coma. The murderer has her name tag. 

Our hero is Choi Moo gak and his sister’s name is also Choi Eun sul. Her bus gets into an accident and she gets minor injury. Moo gak goes to the hospital. He bumps in a doctor? Not everyone wearing a white gown is a doctor ya know. Anyways he finds his sister dead.
Did the killer mix up the girls because of the same name?

A detective Oh on the case of Eun sol’s parents adopts Eun sol and changes her name to Oh Cho rim. Cho rim wakes up with a two different eye colors and she can see smell and doesn’t remember anything from the past and thinks the detective is her real father.

Moo gak, now a low-level police officer, wishes to join the homicide department to catch his sister’s killer. For some reason he is not affected by any pain.

Cho rim works with a comedy troupe as a helper but she wishes to be a comedian. She accidentally meets Moo gak. She slams her car into his bike and injuring him. He takes her car to catch the culprit and Cho rim helps him with her sight of smell.
Cho rim takes Moo gak to a clinic and he bumps into the same doctor, wearing white gown. The man takes notice of Cho rim.
Moo gak later asks her how she knew where the culprit was and she makes excuses. Cho rim runs into someone from her past but she doesn’t recognize her or the name the girl is calling her, Choi eun sol. Moo guk stops in his tracks and looks at her.

Episode 2

Moo gak asks cho rim’s name because he heard someone call her Choi eun sol. She says it was a misunderstanding.
Moo gak is hellbent on finding the killer as he reminisces his past with his sister.
Cho rim has to find a partner for the skit and she decides on Moo gak and they decide to become each others partners because they both need help from the other. She tells him that she can see smell and after many experiments he acknowledges her gift. She asks him not to tell anyone.

The suspicious doctor has turned into a stalker and watches Cho rim.
Choe rim shows her skit with Moo gak to her leader. He is not impressed but gives Cho rim a chance.

A unit is formed to find 2 missing people. A bell boy and a model, Mary. This case is similar to Cho rim’s parents case. But they soon realize it’s not or is it?
Moo gak searches near lake for the model according to Cho rim and the rest of the department searches on the mountain because evidence was found around there. Cho rim freezes as she sees the model’s smell coming from the river.


Woooohooooo so far so good. Did the killer really made the mistake and killed the wrong girl?
I had a girl in my school with same name as me. I never met her but our textbooks sometimes got mixed up and there was no suspicious doctor.


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