Kamisama Hajimemashita Season 2 Episode 12 END


What that’s it? You mean this is the end!!! Ehhhh!!! But I mean….you know….that’s….
Tomoe finally musters up the courage and asks Nanami to marry him. Will her answer be the same as in NO or…
Poor Akura, he never got his body back and Tomoe never realized who he was.
I’m ready for season 3 so when is the due date?


Tomoe and Mizuki watch Nanami’s memories. Little Nanami is so cute. Her mother tells her not to be dependable on men and Nanami decides she will never get married. Her mother dies and her father is a useless man and because of him the house gets burned. Oh and she hates strangers even if its Santa. Mizuki once again asks her to come with him and she runs from him and bumps into Tomoe. She is smitten by him. Tomoe holds her and flies away. Tomoe grants her little wishes. She sees a sunset and that makes her sad because everyone will go home and she will be alone. Tomoe tells her that soon she will be surrounded by noisy bunch and she wonders if she is getting married but she doesn’t want to. She asks if Tomoe loves her and Tomoe says YES and asks her to marry him and she agrees. Hurray Hurray

vlcsnap-2015-04-08-10h06m20s178Later Tomoe realizes his mistake and wonders what he should do to make things right but Nanami has no memory of what happened in the gate. Tomoe doesn’t seem to believe but his face falls when she doesn’t respond the way he wanted.

vlcsnap-2015-04-08-10h07m25s37The trio visits the shrine to get the talisman. They meet the huge sheep and she won’t let her fur removed. Nanami convinces her and the end result is so cute. The year God gives one of the memories to Nanami as a gift. It’s a picture of her mother.

vlcsnap-2015-04-08-10h09m33s66Nanami writes the talismans for the new year but Tomoe isn’t happy with them.
Akura lives his life as the human boy. Kurama gets visitors from the mountain. It’s jiro, Botanmaru and Suiro. Jiro actually came to meet Nanami. Himemiko’s love life is going smootly.
Mizuki asks Nanami not to get married and leave them and Nanami declares she wont get married…..probably and Tomoe blushes and I died.



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