Tokyo Ghoul Root A – END


And so one by one the anime I was watching came to an end T_T
I picked Tokyo Ghoul Root A again and it was a mistake. Let me tell you what happens after episode 5 because there is where I left.

Akira gets drunk. We get Juzo’s back story. He was raised by ghouls. Akira wants to kiss Amon but he doesn’t want her. Please keep adding half a second scene of Kaneki yourselves. Takatsuki Sen, Kaneki’s favorite writer, we know she is a ghoul, tells the ghost busters about the ghoul café. Touka and Hinami leave the café to live alone. One eyed ghoul is revealed and it’s the old man of the café Anteiku and Takatsuki Sen is his daughter from a human woman. Sen is a one-eyed ghoul too. The crew of ghoul café dies…I think. Kaneki and Amon fight and Amon dies….I think. Hide finally meets Kaneki and he for sure dies. And Gods know what happened to Kaneki and Touka opens her café. THE END.

To be honest I never liked Kaneki. I’m talking about season 1. He was timid and shy for me. I don’t have anything against such guys but they are not my cup of tea. I loved when Kaneki got his mask, and when his hair turned white. He became freaking strong. And then season 2 happened T_T …imma read the manga now.

The only good thing that happened in the last episode was the acoustic version of Unravel. Now I need to find the original acoustic version till then enjoy this..


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