Kamisama Hajimemashita Season 2 Episode 11


What would you do if you got a chance to peek in someones past ? And Akura ou is once again determined to find his body but will he succeed?


Akura ou with Yatori leaves for Netherworld to get his body. Akura still has the strand of Nanami’s hair and Yatori says he once served Akura and knows everything about him but Akura doesn’t remember him. Akura finds his body burning in the flames and he can’t take it out. He has to ask Tomoe for help. Like hell he would. He does something unlike Akura. He saves the mother of the boy, whose body he is living in, Kirihito.


Tomoe makes hamburger for Nanami and he and Mizuki put random stuff, lizards tail, turtle, salamander and God knows what else but Thank God Tomoe picks them out. Nope I will still not eat this, thank you.

vlcsnap-2015-03-24-18h45m45s158On the other side Mizuki misunderstands and thinks Tomoe is getting married to Nanami but its Himemiko the fish girl who wants to get married to the human boy. Nanami has no plans to get married and poor Tomoe looks like he is about to faint.

vlcsnap-2015-03-24-19h04m18s24Tomoe takes Mizuki with him to the year God for the talisman and Nanami goes with them. They have to cross the torii gate and they will experience the past 12 years of life. Nanami is the first one to enter.

vlcsnap-2015-03-24-18h49m39s186Tomoe and Mizuki don’t want to go through their pain again and they worry about Nanami too but they know she is a strong girl and knows that even she says she loves Tomoe she can’t marry him. Tomoe and Mizuki are the first one to come out and they decide to look for Nanami and a small girl passes by them. Its Nanami!

Nanami sees her father and receives a chocolate and a smile appears on her face. Mizuki asks her to come with him and she kicks him thinking he is a kidnapper. Nanami happily goes home but her face falls and she throws the chocolate when she sees her mother bowing and apologizing to the debt collectors. She runs to her mother’s arms. Mizuki and Tomoe watch her as she sleeps in her mother’s lap. Mizuki wants them to leave but Tomoe asks him to wait because the mother is going to die soon. He wants to see this time of Nanami that he doesn’t know about.


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