Kuroshitsuji: Book of Murder: Episode 1

kuro murder

Ladies and gentlemen! I have an important announcement to make. No, please don’t assume on your own that I’m leaving again. Okay, so you are not assuming anything because you read the title. Hmm, clever I see. Then join in and see how the mystery solves.

So yes, Kuroshitsuji: Book of Murder is out. And I’m again late, I know. At least I found it and enjoyed it. If you have read the manga like me then you know what’s going on but if you haven’t then no problem enjoy it like I did even though I knew the story.


Episode 1

So what happens is, on one peaceful day the Queen’s personal guards barge in the Phantomhive mansion with her letter. The Queen wants Ciel to entertain her guest, Siemens, arrange a party at the mansion. At first Ciel declines but then agrees because the Queen has gotten suspicious of him because of the last case (circus arc).


Ciel sends out invitations to the people concerned and the fateful day arrives. Among the guests, is one of the Queen’s bodyguard and a young nervous lad. He has no idea as to why he was called. He gets a surprise when he meets Ciel because he thought the Lord would be some old scary looking guy. Ciel surprises Arthur, the young nervous lad, some more by chatting with him and praising his work.


The party starts and the guest of honor, Siemens, gets drunk and of course this causes trouble to the female guests. Sebastian steps in to handle the situation. Siemens and Ciel retire for the day leaving the guests to entertain themselves.


In the middle of the night Siemens calls for the servants and Meirin refuses to go and for some reason all the four servants visit his room. A sound is heard from inside and the door is locked. Rest of the guests arrive too. Sebastian breaks the door and Siemens is dead. Who killed him? Is it someone from the guests or was he attacked from the outside? Everyone’s alibi gets checked but there is one person who is still in suspicious zone and he is Ciel.


Arthur and Ciel’s hands get chained to each other. Arthur is clearly nervous. He asks Ciel to remove his eye patch but Ciel doesn’t want anyone to see the scar. Arthur subconsciously pats Ciel’s head and panics but Ciel won’t eat him. Sebastian gives duties to the three servants and Ciel’s favorite pillow to him but something terrible happens.


The next day Ciel feels something is not right because Sebastian hasn’t come for him. Tanaka arrives with the terrible news and Ciel runs to a room where all the guests are and the servants are crying. Sebastian is dead. I’m so sorry but I laughed so hard, well you know why right?


Ciel can’t believe and hits Sebastian but he is gone…Pffft… but he is not the only one, another guest has met his end. All the bodies get moved to the cellar. All they can do is wait for the police to come but it won’t be soon because its raining hard.


Ciel suggests Arthur to decode what’s going on and find the killer. First they need to find the key of the Ciel’s room because there is where the second guest died. They can’t find anything on Sebastian except that he is wet because of the leak and cats in his room which he hid from his master. The rest of the rooms and luggage gets checked but still nothing.


Finny, Meirin and Bard are clearly upset on Sebastian’s death. They will do anything to find the murderer.


Lau thinks there might be someone outside and there is one as the servants bring a suspicious looking man. Ciel recognizes him and introduces him as Jeremy. Do you recognize who he is?



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