Kamisama Hajimemashita Season 2 Episode 10


Why? Why can’t I find one guy when the imaginary characters are getting two or more? Should I take the initiative?
Tomoe has a competitor for Nanami’s love. What will be her choice?


Tomoe is confident that Nanami is looking for him but Botanmaru crushes his confidence. Nanami has left to search for Sojobo’s soul.


Nanami follows her white talisman to a dead end. Yatori did say that he hid the soul where no tengu will be able to find. Jiro smashes the dead end wall and Nanami follows him. This creepy looking hollow place has the thunder beast and Suiro lost his wings here trying to save Kurama. Jiro asks Nanami not to follow and flies into darkness. Nanami sees the thunder lightning and decides to follow. She has no luck as the thunder beast growls in front of her. He uses his lighting power and Jiro saves Nanami injuring himself.

vlcsnap-2015-03-17-17h44m28s147Tomoe and Kurama are behind Nanami. Kurama gets panicky because he was once in that cave but soon calms down. The thunder beast is no match for our Tomoe but Nanami has no time to look at him because Jiro is dying. Jiro confesses his love, to Nanami, surprising everyone. Thunder beast had Sojobo’s soul and Jiro asks Kurama to take to his father. Sojobo wakes up and everything turns back to normal.

vlcsnap-2015-03-17-17h44m55s172Jiro is given the medicine Nanami bought for Sojobo. She cries thinking what if Jiro can’t use his wings ever again. Tomoe thinks if something happens to Jiro that would make Jiro happy because he saved her. Suiro comes in the story and Tomoe gets upset.


Jiro wakes up and Nanami rushes to his room but then runs back because she is embarrassed, remember Jiro confessed to him. Tomoe is upset and gives a free hand to Nanami to stay if she wants to and this makes her sad. They will be leaving soon for earth.

vlcsnap-2015-03-17-18h01m07s167Everyone celebrates Jiro’s health and him becoming the 4th successor. Everything is going smoothly and then Nanami goes and sits with Jiro. The rest of the tengu leave one by one because you can’t be with a woman. Jiro carries Nanami princess style and flies. Tomoe loses some marbles and starts doing weird things.

vlcsnap-2015-03-17-18h03m51s14Jiro takes Nanami to the cherry blossom tree and asks her to stay with him but the smile and shine in her eyes when she talks about Tomoe tells everything. Jiro gives back the rest of the medicine and Nanami says she will give this to Tomoe once he gets fed up and leaves her. He is strong and there’s no one who cares about him. Jiro asks her to stay for a while as he wants to capture her picture in his eyes for forever.

vlcsnap-2015-03-17-17h55m52s82Tomoe thinks that humans have short lives so Nanami should do what she likes. He will not stop her. To this Kurama replies that humans have short lives so one should confess when he gets the chance. Ooooo he wants Tomoe to confess. I’m with you.

Nanami somehow gets drunk and hugs Suiro and he cries. Tomoe piggybacks drunk Nanami, and she before falling to sleep says that she loves him and Tomoe answers in his heart that he loves her too. She wont be able to hear like that. What are you doing Tomoe? 



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