Kill Me Heal Me: Episode 19 & 20 END


I apologize for using this format to write about what I watch and read. From now on I will properly write the title in the title box so you guys can easily find what you are looking for ^___^

Episode 19

One thing is for sure, goodbyes hurt so FREAKIN much

Here I’m sitting in tears. I don’t want this to end T_T yada…yada…yada

Never thought Ferry park would make me cry. Whenever he opened his mouth, and spoke saturi and did his weird dance wearing weird suits and made bombs * sobs* I can’t even T_T

Okay, so Ki joon and Chae young knows about Do hyun’s mental illness and Do hyun was the one who told Chae young. Do hyun still considers Alex as a friend and it touches him. He won’t tell anyone about Do hyun’s illness. Thank you.

Ki joon approaches Ri jin with a deal. He knows she is a psychiatrist bla bla side with me you will be rich and she declines. No surprise there.

Ri on is one poor puppy. He has decided to be Ri jin’s best oppa. I seriously hope he gets the nicest girl. Why can’t Yo no be real?

Do hyun and Ri jin tell their happiest memories and they both have each other in it. Ri jin decides to bribe the personalities with the presents and asks Do hyun what would Se gi like. I think…a kiss. Anyways, for Se gi to leave they have to forgive daddy Cha because Se gi hates him too much.

Nooooo, please Ferry park T_T. He gets to drink his favorite beer and asks Ri jin to smile always. *wails* don’t gooooooo. He opens a door and there is a boat and it has “Ferry Park” written on it. Ri jin conveys Ferry Park’s message to Do hyun, “live freely”

Do hyun is looking in to the deaths of his grandfather and Ri jin’s mother. Granny says, she is not the one behind it.

Mommy Cha tells granny that Do hyun has met Ri jin and she is shocked. What the hell now?

Ri jin is sleeping and someone enters in her room and we can hear the sound of the spray bottle. Yo sub? Next morning Ri jin, Do hyun and his secretary look at something wondering what that is. Someone has written X on the painting and it’s a new personality of Do hyun. YAY… Finally!!


Episode 20

I’m not crying T_T PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO TURN OFF THE FAUCET. I don’t want to believe this is the last episode. NOOOOOOOOOOO

This is a literal goodbye but I’m not ready yet. Where did the three months go?

Okay, on to the episode. I need to do this before my eyes gets blurry.

So…who is MR.X? Our cute lovely Nana’s owner 7-year-old Do hyun tells us that it’s her father. She wanted to see his father but he was no longer in the world so Joon young aka Do hyun made this personality.

Mr. X has come with a purpose he wants Do hyun to face his fears and not to imagine them. The father and daughter take their leave.

Yo na makes a deal with Ri jin that she will tell about MR.X only when she will meet Ri on. Ri jin has no choice. She apologizes to her brother but Ri on has no idea what’s coming. Yo na locks the door. Poor Ri on calls for his mother and Yo na uses her strength and tosses him on the bed..RAWR… Ri on tricks Yo na saying he is going to the army and Yo na cries Oh no! But she is not falling for that she knows he already served. She gets in to an attack mode and showers him with kisses and takes lots of selfies. Happy with her wish being fulfilled she tells Ri jin that if she smiles MR.X won’t appear but Ri jin has no idea what that means and Yo na doesn’t want to talk more because she is sleepy. She thanks Ri jin for everything and cries NOOOOOOOOO. We see Yo sub calling Yo na and she doesn’t want to leave but she is good girl and listens to her brother T_T. Yo sub reads a verse from the poem “The wind is rising, we must try to live.” by Paul Varley (the graveyard by the sea)

Before leaving, Yo na wrote on Ri jin’s forehead her favorite words “Fierce Wench”

Daddy Cha woke up and want to meet Ri jin and Do hyun. Do hyun meets him alone and asks if he was the one behind the death of Ri jin’s mother and his grandfather but no it was his uncle but daddy Cha also played his part and hid the truth to keep the position of the chairman. Ki joon tries to scare Do hyun but Do hyun is no longer afraid if the world knows about his mental illness. Granny has a change of heart and has decided to give Seungjin to Do hyun.

When Do hyun learns that Ri jin has gone to meet his father, Se gi takes over and rushes to her side. Daddy Cha sure is moving his body for someone who was in a coma for 20+ years. Anyways, Se gi is not happy to see him and wants him to die. Ri jin stops him and tells daddy Cha that if she ever forgave him it will be because of Do hyun/Se gi.

Ri jin asks Se gi about the present because she gave one to every personality and he wants her. She has no idea what to give so she kisses him. He likes the present and kisses her back as a farewell. NOOOOOOOOO. Do hyun and Se gi have a goodbye too. Do hyun now the sole owner of the body kisses Ri jin who is crying.

One year has passed. Ri jin is at the hospital working her job and Ri on has written a novel named, “Kill Me Heal Me” on a chaebol who has DID and a female psychiatrist and its selling successfully. Ri on meets a girl in the book store, she is a fan of Omega and wants to meet him. Ri on just can’t hide his happiness and then he can’t hide the terror when he learns the girl’s name, Ahn Yo na and moreover she acts like the real Yo na.

Do hyun works at Ri jin’s parents as Ferry park and his secretary is executive director and handling the business with Do hyun’s help. Do hyun doesn’t want to join the company. He wants to live the peaceful life.

Do hyun bought couple rings and they put them on each other. In the end Do hyun narrates that there is a dark basement in everyone’s heart and it shouldn’t be ignored. You should gather the courage and turn on the light of the basement and if you are scared someone can hold your hand. If I’m with you, then I’m not scared.

What happened to Chae young in the end and why was granny surprised about Ri jin and Do hyun being together in episode 19? Who cares, I got my happy end and swollen eyes ^___^

My sole reason to watch this drama was Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum. I liked the synopsis when I read and wondered how can one person play 7 personalities. I was disappointed when the actors were not picking up this project but you know what they say, It is good to be patient. Yes, it had its flaws but again you know what they say, nobody is perfect.

What am I supposed to do now? T_T


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