Kamisama Hajimemashita Season 2 Episode 9


Great! First they get captured and then they argue and fight instead of finding a way to get out because of them Nanami has to do all the work. Oh well, it was Nanami’s plan and it failed. Its Nanami’s fault get her.


Nanami and Botanmaru try to find Sajobo but Jiro’s barrier is strong and they can’t find their way and oi Mamoru kicks Botanmaru in his child form -sigh- kids.


On the other hand Kurama and Tomoe are going with the plan and giving the special sake they brought to Jiro but it doesn’t work on him and he knew they are up to something. Jiro asks about the angel. He doesn’t know her name is Nanami. Tomoe changes into Nanami and Jiro becomes weak and yup the barrier disappears. Jiro tries not to look at Nanami/Tomoe and Tomoe keeps seducing him.



Getting the chance Nanami and Botanmaru find Sojobo but he is frozen, someone took his soul. Nanami thinks its Jiro.


Tomoe returns to his form he is angry and disappointed because he sees himself in Jiro. They both love Nanami but can’t say it loud.


Yatori captures Nanami and Botanmaru and informs Jiro. Tomoe and Kurama also get captured. Jiro kicks Botanmaru for betraying and Nanami puts an end to his cruelty saying, he too had someone’s help to get to the place he is now. It’s true, young Jiro trains all by himself and Sojobo praises him and tells him to get some rest. Sojobo the strongest tengu was loved by everyone and now Jiro is the strongest and other tengus are scared of him. This calms him down and Nanami tells him about the soul less Sajobo but Yatori covers it quickly and asks him to leave. It’s obvious its Yatori who has the soul. He tries to attack Nanami and she throws Mamaru at him and it creates a barrier and Yatori disappears. Using her barrier against evil Nanami makes Jiro’s barrier disappear around the house.



Botanmaru reaches Tomoe and Kurama and tells them the truth about Yatori and Jiro is listening in the shadows. The place lits in yellow gold, it’s Nanami’s barrier and Tomoe and Kurama get free YAY



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