Kamisama Hajimemashita Season 2 Episode 8


Is it just me or this season looks a bit different, the “funny faces” appear more often? So, in this episode our team decides to infiltrate the compound where Shinjuro aka Kurama’s father is hidden to give him medicine. Tomoe gets paired with Kurama and Nanami with Botanmaru.


Jiro, the scary looking tengu grabs Nanami and asks her reason for being on the sacred mountains when its forbidden to women. Mamoru, Nanami’s shiki bites Jiro and Nanami runs for her life. She is relived to see Tomoe and hugs him.


Suiro as usual ignores Nanami and worries about Tomoe and asks if he wasn’t hurt by Jiro. Nanami gets angry and asks why is Suiro ignoring her. Suiro apologizes as he has not seen women for a long time. Quick, fangirls, make a line to Suiro’s place.


Things turn serious when Suiro tells that they can’t give the medicine to Kurama’s father because of the high security of Jiro. Other tengus hearing about Kurama’s return meet him and pressurize him to be the 4th successor. Kurama is someone who won’t ask for help, so, Suiro helped him all his life. Suiro knows Kurama doesn’t want to be the successor and asks Nanami to leave with Kurama to the human world. Nanami tells him that she won’t leave until Kurama says so.


Kurama asks for help from Tomoe and Nanami but a huge gust of wind blows and Nanami isn’t able to hear what he said. She asks him to repeat but Kurama is too embarrassed to repeat it.



Jiro sends the weak tengu to do whatever they want. He only wants the strongest ones. He gets angry when Yatori says, he is getting weak. Jiro slams his foot and makes a strong barrier.


Yay! Tomoe and Nanami are sleeping in one room but BOO HOO Tomoe puts up a divider and Kurama appears, thank God he has not come to sleep with them but with a map to the compound and a plan on how to deceive Jiro and gain entrance.



Out team have to split, one would take care of Jiro and the other would find Kurama’s father. Tomoe is not willing to leave Nanami’s side because she’s an idiot. Botanmaru wants to join but Kurama doens’t want him to. Nanami gets angry at Tomoe and announces she will be going with Botanmaru and has a perfect plan. The grin on her face makes the boys nervous.


Time to sleep. Nanami sleeps and Tomoe smokes the pipe and wonders why he fell for her. Nanami leaves for the bathroom and when she returns, she accidentally goes to Tomoe’s bed. Tomoe at first is alarmed but its Nanami. He brushes her hair and did he hug her? Anyways she opens her eyes and runs to her bed.


The next day Kurama is looking like an evil God. That’s what Nanami said. Kurama is posing as a land God and Tomoe as his familiar. Kurama uses the talisman and asks Tomoe to act like a cat and he does.



Nooooooo, my poor Tomoe is embarrassed but seriously what the heck is Nanami wearing? Nanami asks Tomoe if he hugged her, she doesn’t remember because she was half asleep. Tomoe, you BAKAAA. He says he was half asleep too and thought she was someone else BAKAAAA


Kurama and Tomoe enter the compound and Jiro has no choice but to welcome them and Nanami with Botanmaru sneak away behind Kurama’s carriage. Botanmaru is about to faint because he is nervous. They both start searching for Kurama’s father.




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