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Akatsuki no Yona, this was made into an anime and I had no idea T_T but no worries ^__^ now I know and am enjoying it. I love the colors and the scenery and everything. I never read the manhwa but it was in my list. So now I’m gonna enjoy both.

Kill Me Heal Me: Episode 15 & 16

Episode 15

Both the episodes were sad and depressing episode. Where did the happiness and lightheartedness go?

Do hyun takes control and stops the take over. He knows the child was Ri jin. Yay for Do hyun for becoming strong and nay for him being a noble idiot. He is leaving Ri jin. Noooooooooo dammit I want to kill everyone.

Ri jin has decided to search for her memories for Do hyun’s sake and he stops her. He knows she will get hurt. Ri jin tells her mother that she knows about her being not her child. Ri jin’s bio mother told her friend (Ri jin’s current mother) to take the child for her.

Do hyun’s mother is one crazy sick person. Do hyun knows she was the one behind Ri jin’s kidnapping. He asks her to leave with him but to her the company is more important. Do hyun tells her about his mental illness and that crazy person wants him to hide it. Do hyun can’t believe her mother and only has one option to stop the craziness, he will tell the world about himself.

On the side story Chae yeon broke the engagement. God! This stupid bitch. I hope you die before you reach Do hyun.

I don’t understand one thing. Why was Ri jin abused? Because she was a child from an affair? If that’s the reason, then Do hyun is also a child from an affair.

Episode 16

I don’t know anything anymore. Here I thought it will be the usual break up mess but the writer proved me wrong and I’m thankful for that but this new mystery is playing with my head. I’m not intelligent to begin with, how am I suppose to decipher it? I will not do anything and wait and watch the episodes to understand everything.

Do hyun spends the day with Ri jin. Ri jin enjoys the date and everything is going according to Do hyun’s plan but Ri jin knows that he got his memory back and she is in them and the memories are not happy, so this is good-bye for them. Noooooooooo, I hate this. Ri on as planned by Do hyun comes for Ri jin. 

Do hyun asks Ri on to write a novel on Seungjin and make it a bestseller. Is this Do hyun’s way to tell the world the truth?

Do hyun’s granny calls Ri jin but once she knows Ri jin is not Do hyun’s physician anymore, she asks her to leave. Ri jin wants the granny to help Do hyun with his illness but she isn’t interested in that. Ri jin sees the picture of Do hyun’s father and she starts to remember her past and realizes the children in the basement was Do hyun and her.

Granny asks Do hyun to come back to the company but Do hyun declines. Do hyun looks at the family register and his name is in it before he came to the Seungjin. Ri jin asks her mother about her biological parents and gets some things her mother left behind.

The girl with the teddy bear appears again to Do hyun and tells him that her name is Cha Do hyun. Ri jin remembers her biological mother calling her Do hyun.

So, Ri jin is Do hyun and Do hyun is…. Se gi? What was he called before getting the name Do hyun?


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