Things I’m doing besides studying



Sorry to scare you again. Yes, I’m doing it intentionally.

Did you enjoy Melo Holic? It was freaking good right? The makers also have another webtoon called “Hanged Doll”. I read this one last year or so and it has a new season which I accidentally stumbled on and haven’t read yet. If you like suspense and mystery then you need to check this out.

If you want to cry, want some exercise for the eyes then I present you “The Friendly Winter”. It has so many feels in it, I can’t even express. Who took my box of tissue papers?

I was lucky to find these amazing stories. If you have any, do share them with me.

So I was wondering if I should watch Blood or not. I have read only two type of reviews. One says, it freaking sucks and the other says, it’s freaking good. Who should I believe? Should I watch and decide it myself?

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