Things I’m doing besides studying


Sorry to scare you like that. So I’m reading this webtoon called “Melo Holic” and its so good and creepy and I need to stop reading it at night.

Kill Me Heal Me

Highlights of episode 13

Ri jin falls unconscious after recovering a fragment of her memory and Do hyun tends to her. She lies that everything is fine. Ri jin and Do hyun get their tarot cards reading and their love is doomed.

Do hyun asks his mother about the child but she lies. He knows she is also looking for the child but she denies any existence of any other kid other than Do hyun and she makes a mistake and it slips from her lips that his father loved him and the other child too.

Do hyun as promised leaves the Seungjin company. To take their relationship from doctor patient to lovers Do hyun and Ri jin decide to go on a trip but Chae yeon that stupid bitch ruins the plan. Do hyun makes it clear for her that he will never come back no matter what threats she uses and she goes, even if I slit my wrist. Gurl you go and slit your throat and I’m sure no one would care but let’s give her a mini credit because Ri jin goes back to her house with Ri on and Do hyun follows. Ri jin asks her brother to be a savior again and save her from heartache like he did when they were in high school. She thinks she is acting weird. She is falling for Do hyun and having strange dreams of childhood. She can’t share them with Do hyun because he has his share of hardships. Do hyun quietly listens everything. Ri on sees him and puts a blanket on her sister’s head when she tries to look in that direction. Awww he saved her like she said from the heartache.

Ri on takes a further step and calls Do hyun. Do hyun realizes that indeed Ri jin was there in his times of need and this breaks his heart that he can’t do the same. Ri on makes it clear to Do hyun to not to cross the line and fall for Ri jin and leave for America as he planned after 2 months. Do hyun’s head start buzzing and Yo na appears once again. First of all she curses Do hyun and then sees Ri on and calls him “oppa”. Ri on is confused. Yo na gets all teary eyed and literally jumps on Ri on and Ri on is such a nice guy, if he had moved Yo na might have hit her head on the counter but Ri on tosses the cups and catches her. She wants a kiss and Ri on is terrified and calls her sister for help. Ri jin asks him to give whatever she wants. Well Yo na wants Ri on to kiss and feed her but he can’t do that. Yo na runs out of the store asking him to catch her. Ri jin reaches on time and sees her running and both the siblings follow Yo na, who applies her lip color while running and kisses Ri on even though Ri jin tried her hardest to stop her. Mission successfully accomplished. Ri jin punches Yo na and the poor girl faints and Ri on cries.

Do hyun wakes up and Ri on is hovering over him. Both the guys scream and Ri on covers his chest and then his lips. He gives his clothes to Do hyun and leaves the room while holding a jacket like it’s a barrier.

Do hyun asks Ri jin to see her as a man just for two months and everything was going calm and smooth until he spots a picture of a woman and tells Ri jin that she is his mother in the family register.

Do hyun’s mother visits his comatose dad. He has a book by his side that he liked. She finds a picture of a woman and a child and its Ri jin and her biological mother. She knows her husband loved the other woman. She is going to find the child and make her disappear.

Highlights episode 14

The first half of the episode is light, fluffy and fun. Do hyun enjoys the company of Ri jin’s family. Ri jin gets drunk and in front of her family calls Do hyun “my man”. Do hyun and Ri jin kiss each other twice. They decide to depend on each other in difficult times. Ri jin knows that she and Ri on are not siblings.

Do hyun meets Nana, it’s a teddy bear?? and a girl is holding it. He remembers that the child was a girl and she was abused not him. Do hyun’s mother kidnaps Ri jin and Do hyun reaches her but the goons hit him and Se gi tries to take over but Do hyun stops him because it’s his fight. Se gi shares the hidden memories and Do hyun realizes that the girl is Ri jin.


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