Kamisama Hajimemashita Season 2 Episode 6



Time to bid good-bye to some characters and hello to the new ones who are there to create more trouble so my Tomoe and Nanami can’t have fun grrrrr.


Mikage’s words about human and yokai’s love make Nanami hesitant and she takes a step back in the relationship with Tomoe Noooooooooooo


Fish girl, Himemiko, the yokai who loves a human boy, Kotaro meets Nanami. She takes Nanami on a date and so cute we have the first season’s opening in the background. She senses something is bothering Nanami and Nanami comes clean. Fish girl tells her that she cherishes the moments with her lover because she knows he will not stay forever. So she does everything not to feel regret later. This gives Nanami some hope and she decides to confess her feelings to Tomoe.


Yatori, a new character, who appears to be gullible but is cunning in reality approaches Kirihito for some purpose but who knows what are they. He is planning to do something on the Kurama mountain to gain Kirihito’s trust.


Kurama is in the town for a concert and of course Nanami wants to go but for Tomoe it’s a NO-NO. They accidentally meet a tengu, Botanmaru and he’s looking for Shinjuro, the son of Sojobo. Butanmaru, the litlle teugu idolizes Shinjuro because he is suffering like Shinjuro did when he was young. The Shinjuro, Butanmaru is looking for is none other than Kurama and we get to listen to his songs.

vlcsnap-2015-02-17-17h26m24s130yup they are similar




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