Kamisama Hajimemashita Season 2 Episode 5


Love is in the air and Tomoe is a baka. He is a baka through and through. Tomoe you bakaaaaaa.


Now that Tomoe has turned into dangerous yokai, he is locked in jail, noooooo. Nanami hears the news and runs to him. She wants him to be his familiar again aka let’s kiss but no, Tomoe, that jerk wants some time to think. What the hell dude? Nanami sends him some medicine through Mizuki. He tells that Tomoe is in love with Nanami and Tomoe is shocked and here I’m like, what the hell? You kissed her at the end of season 1 what was that then? Tomoe can’t believe he’s in love so to prove it he goes to Nanami’s room in the middle of the night and kisses her……KKKYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


The next day Tomoe is back with his short hair and he treats Nanami badly because when she blushes and talks about her feelings for him, he likes to act rude. What the what? Mizuki asks to sleep in the same room with Nanami. She has no problem but Tomoe has and to convince him she agrees on all three of them sleeping in the same room. Yeah, like that would sit well with Tomoe.


Tomoe and Nanami go on a date since it’s their last day at Izumo. She confesses her feelings for him and understands he doesn’t have any for her. Nooooooo, that’s not true. Tomoe you idiot, say something. The date ends abruptly because her clothes get dirty. Nanami starts to undress in front of Tomoe and he stops her but she is not naked. She is wearing a cami something underneath. Tomoe loses his mind for no reason at all and Nanami starts to cry. Aww he hugs her and suddenly turns evil. He yanks her shirt so he can help change. Nooooo what are you doing? And Nanami kicks him out.


The Gods meeting has ended and they have a banquet to celebrate. Nanami gets a kimono from Otohiko to wear. Its ill fitted and Tomoe tells her to strip so he can dress her. He realizes his mistake and Mizuki asks what’s it like to be stupid. Mizuki likes his mistress and doesn’t want Tomoe to run away with her and Tomoe isn’t planning either.


At the party Nanami gets a cup of sake from Okuninushi but she can’t drink and Tomoe drinks for her KKYYAAAAAAAAA. Nanami sees a butterfly and runs after it and it leads him straight to Mikage. She asks him to meet Tomoe but he doesn’t think its time yet. He tells her about why the love between a human and a yokai is a taboo. Humans have short life spans and their heart keeps changing, whereas yokai’s have long lives and they only love just one person like Tomoe did. Nanami asks the reason, why did he pair her with Tomoe. Mikage wants Nanami to change Tomoe’s view on humans, they are not weak and he wishes for Tomoe to choose her. Tomoe sees Mikage and runs to him but he disappears. Nanami looks at Tomoe with sad eyes as he looks sadly in the direction of Mikage.



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