Things I’m doing besides studying


Kill Me Heal Me: Episode 9&10. Tokyo Ghoul: Episode 5

Other than watching this all I did was read manga like, Rurouni kenshin (ruroken) and Shingeki no Kyojin(SnK), Noragami, Tokyo Ghoul.

Tokyo Ghoul: Episode 5

The two, one-eyed girls were once human and were in the same class with the red stitches boy and their teacher was Amon. Now the question is, how can human become a ghoul? Kaneki’s case was different. Yay we again got some Kaneki with his amazing fighting skills with his new centipede weapon. I HATE THE NEW MASK. Is the owl someone we know?

Kill Me Heal Me

Episode 9

It was such a fun episode until the “WHY?” in the end scared me. The kiss makes the two a bit crazy. Do hyun’s personalities appear one by one and make Ri jin crazy. Awww Yo sub thanked her and said he is not thinking about suicide for now. Ferry park wants to make bombs and Ri jin distracts him with her hilarious dance. But why bombs, when suicidal is Yo sub? Yo na still doesn’t like Ri jin but she likes Ri on and wants his number. And we didn’t get to see Nana. She did appear but off-screen. It’s Se gi who never appeared and made Do hyun worry. Why is he so calm, is it the calmness before the storm? Freaking hell yeah it is.

Do hyun wants Se gi to not appear so he can love Ri jin, in return he will give his body to Se gi in the next life. Ummm I don’t think Se gi is a good listener. Anyways, Ri on comes out to Do hyun that he is the writer Omega and he even says he loves Ri jin. Great, just great. He also knows she lives with Do hyun and asks to let him meet her. Ri jin runs the moment she sees him but gets caught.

Do hyun’s doc asks Ri jin if she met Do hyun in the past but she hasn’t. He tells her that she is the trigger that makes Do hyun’s personalities come out. They might have met but don’t remember. Ri jin has started to work for Do hyun’s as his secretary.

Ri on is so in love with Ri jin that it breaks my heart but you guys can’t be together. Eeppp Do hyun’s memories are coming back. He was with a child in the basement….but who?

Aaannnndddd Se gi is back. And wow Ri jin remembered his gaze, she recognized him by his eyes and he asks her, why is she here? WHY?

Episode 10

Why was this episode sad? WHY? We got our beloved Se gi but why did sadness came along? The funny moments were when Se gi obediently did what Ri jin told and the office scene.

Se gi thinks Ri jin is going to kill him because she has fallen for Do hyun. He is not willing to hear anything and the tears in his eyes made me feel bad for him and I thought Do hyun should die. Se gi says, Do hyun is not coming back because the seal to the hidden memories has been opened and he can’t bear the pain. Ri jin thinks maybe he can but in that case all the personalities will disappear and Se gi doesn’t want that. Ri jin asks if she is in his memories and he doesn’t say anything.

Se gi has decided to punish Do hyun for ignoring his threat. First he goes to Chae yeon’s house for a drink the rest is left for us to imagine. Then he goes to the office looking all handsome/Se gi style. Female employees go KKYYYAAA over him.

Se gi loses him temper when he learns Ri jin is meeting his mother. He drags Ri jin from there. He hates that women who is wearing a mask. She didn’t do anything and just watched when he was abused and now she uses that as a threat to live in the family. What????

Ri on has connected the dots and he knows Do hyun has multiple personality disorder. He shows up at Do hyun’s house and threats Ri jin to come with him or he will tell everyone about Do hyun’s mental illness. Se gi appears to stop him. He knows they are not real siblings and he hates the look of a man in Ri on’s eyes for Ri jin instead of a brother. Ri on throws it back at him, Do hyun can’t be with Ri jin because he is a son of Seungjin group. What is that suppose to mean?

Ri jin apologizes to her parents for lying. Ri on told her beforehand not to mention Do hyun’s name or Seungjin group. Do hyun’s doc says, one of the two will happen, either Do hyun will be suppressed or he will appear stronger than before. On the other hand, Se gi is challenging Do hyun to come out and if he can’t, he should just stay inside.

Se gi scares granny by sitting quietly in her room. He is rude to her. He wants the Seungjin group for himself. He goes to his father’s room to kill him. His father is the reason he became a monster, he shouldn’t have saved him. And a voice in the end says, “why did you disturb me? Don’t you know how much I have heard” Noooooo, wait, who are you?

What is the secret? What happened in the basement? Who is whose child?


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