Things I’m doing besides studying


I was so busy this week T_T I didn’t watch anything else or maybe I’m lying…definitely not.

Kill Me Heal Me:Episodes 7&8, Tokyo Ghoul Root A: Episode 4

Tokyo ghoul Root A

Episode 4

Kaneki’s evil team goes to a center where ghouls are kept in prison to free someone. Amon also happens to be there with Akira because his “father” is a ghoul too. Father as in the one who run the orphanage or father as in dad? Half of the time I’m looking at the wall during the episodes. Something is missing in this season. Anyways Kaneki gets the shit beaten out of him once again and finally he speaks, a whole line. He wants to become strong or the weak will die and he has freaking evolved. WOHOOO

Kill Me Heal Me

Episode 7

So good, so good this drama is so good. You cry and laugh, feel nervous and angry with the characters. Everything is top-notch. Me likey very much.

Ri jin would have to delay going abroad because Yo sub is ready to finish his life with all other personalities. Ri jin only has one hour and no idea where he would be. She panics and calls Do hyun’s secretary but he can’t answer as he is being questioned from granny. Do hyun’s doc and Ri jin’s senior gives a hint. Ri jin makes a mental picture and reaches Yo sub on the roof top. He looks at his watch and at the stairs, no sign of Ri jin. He sighs and stands on the top. He is ready to fall and Ri jin screams NOOOOOOOOO. He stops momentarily and tells her she is two minutes late. A promise is a promise and he has to keep it. Ri jin tries to talk to him but he is not willing to listen. She gets injured when Yo sub pushes her but this isn’t going to stop her. She brings him to safety and keeps calling Do hyun’s name and keeps crying. Do hyun is asleep in the deep water and Ri jin’s voice reaches him and he comes back. He wipes her tears and hugs her. I think Yo sub wanted to be saved. He had tears in his eyes.

Do hyun realizes keeping Ri jin by his side is dangerous for her but he returned when she called. He wants to have someone like that. He knows he is being selfish and comes to a decision. He takes back the offer of being his secret physician and tells her to leave. Ri jin can feel the loneliness in him.

Grrrr everyone wants to know what Do hyun is hiding but they are not willing to share their secret. Granny asks Do hyun’s secretary. Ki joon asks from Do hyun’s doc. Good thing Ri jin left because he was also looking for her. Do hyun’s mommy has hired someone to look for the missing child. Chae young hears Ki joon’s parent talking that his engagement with her is just business and she is heartbroken and spoils Do hyun’s date with a random girl, his granny wants her to marry him. Well, thank you for that. But I still hate you.

Ri jin’s family comes to the airport to see her off. Remember she was going to study abroad and Yo sub happened? Ri jin’s family is super weird (in a good way) but I love them. Okay so the secret is out for us. Its Ri on who is adopted. Eeeep Do hyun and Ri on are brothers???? eeppppp. But wait, why did they hinted before that Ri jin was the one who was adopted? I’m confused.

With Ri jin gone, Do hyun asks his secretary to get him a male secret physician this time. The door opens and Ri jin enters with her bags. She lied to her family to become his secret physician and Do hyun’s jaw drops. KKKYYYAAAAAAAA.

She is apologetic towards her family but she wants to help this lonely person find happiness. On the other hand Ri on is having feelings for Ri jin. Doomed we are doomed.

Yo sub drew six personalities, one is missing, someone called “mysterious X”

Episode 8

Time for Yo na to shine or create disaster because the onlookers took photographs and it will be uploaded though secretary will do something but by then the damage will be done. What to do?

What the hell is wrong with Chae young? She is one weird character. Now that Do hyun is not paying attention to her she comes whining to his house and sees Ri jin there and slaps Do hyun because he says Ri jin is now is his heart. The frak lady, get out of this world.

Back to my sweet couple, now that Ri jin has decided to stay as Do hyun’s physician she has to stay with him 24/7 and in the office she will be his secretary. At first Ri jin declines then agrees when he says he will pay more. What you here for money? In return Ri jin asks for Do hyun’s one hour for his treatment or to become friends but he doesn’t need any of the two. Okay, I think he needs a beating. He gives her info on every personalities and asks her to help if they appear in front of his family members.

Does granny know something about Do hyun’s illness or not? I don’t care.

Ri on is in love with Ri jin. I know I said that before. He looks at the pictures of his younger days and reminisces the past. His dad does think about what “if” between Ri on and Ri jin.

I don’t know because I didn’t pay attention because company talk makes me sleepy. Do hyun’s company wants to do something with the writer Omega 3. He is Ri on but of course no one knows that except for his family members. Do hyun goes to Omega’s fan club hoping to find him with Ri jin. Ri jin hides from her brother and Ri on catches Do hyun calling him “Ferry”. Everything is going well and smooth until Ri on tells about the new story Omega is writing about the twin siblings scared of basements. This triggers Do hyun’s memory, Ri on leaves to get some water and Ri jin appears to calm him. Ri on spots Ri jin. Oh noes.

Meet Yo na, Yo sub’s twin, she appears when Do hyun is stressed or in extreme suffering. She doesn’t like studying and is crazy over idols. Cut it in short she is a troublemaker. Ri jin’s jaw falls and I can’t stop laughing. This is crazy, I’m going crazy. A boy band happens to be there and she runs to them, fangirling super hard. *look the way she runs* Ri jin can’t stop her and they end up fighting, cat fight….you know pulling hair and stuff. *need to stop re-watching* coming back to the story. Yo na runs away from Ri jin and straight runs into the pole. What was that?

Do hyun wakes up and apologizes to Ri jin and pulls the hair pin from his hair. She asks the reason Yo na appeared but he doesn’t say anything. She understands he doesn’t want to be friends and suddenly he asks her to drink with him. He wants to do the consultation treatment and want to become friends. He looks at her watch and says, on January 29, 2015 at 10 their first consultation started. Se gi said something similar and she asks if he is Se gi but no he is still Do hyun. He asks the reason why she became his physician, was it because she felt pity or she wanted to meet Se gi? Ri jin in return asks if he is jealous and why does he have low confidence and then answers that its because of Yo sub. The dying message he left was “Kill Me” for her it was his cry for help and the other reason is Do hyun’s resolve. So she wants to meet every personality and comfort them and tell them to say, “Heal Me” by doing that they will not die but will stay in Do hyun’s heart. They will become one with him. Do hyun is so touched by it that he kisses her once she is surprised and he says that he is Do hyun. He goes for a second kiss and stops. He remembers Se gi’s warning not to touch Ri jin but he ignores it and kisses her again. KKYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


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