Kamisama Hajimemashita Season 2 Episode 3


Nooooooo what is this? Me no likey. Tomoe is alone and depressed because well DUH! Nanami is not with him. And Nanami is not even thinking about Tomoe, well she has pretty good reasons but still, Nooooooooo.


Nanami gets a shock to see all the Gods enjoying having a party, drinking and laughing. Mizuki and Mamoru find Nanami and the hidden someone in the last episode is Okuninushi. Who is he? And why do I feel I have seen him? And he is super over dramatic. Otohiko goes kyaaaaa over him. Anyways he called Nanami because he wants her to close the door to Netherworld and cleanse it or the youkai and evil stuff will come out and what not. Nanami takes the job on one condition, find Mikage. She finally realizes that may be the person who showed her the way was Mikage. She asks Mizuki to look for that man and leaves with Otohiko.


Otohiko tells Nanami that humans and low-level yokai’s will die in Netherworld and not to enter or she can because she is a God. Kirihito aka Akura ou for some reason is in a human’s body and his original body is in Netherworld. A low-level youkai takes him hostage and jumps in. Nanami follows to save the human boy. Oh and she has recognized him.


Again for some reason Kirihito saves Nanami from the youkai’s and tells her not to eat their food and takes her to safety. Why is she with him? Oh why? She tells him her name and he tells her his human name. Why is she acting like a complete idiot with him? Two escorts arrive to take them to Izunami’s shrine, the goddess of Netherworld.


We get to hear Poor Tomoe’s history like from 600 years back. When he had long hair and was with Akura ou. The heck, was Akura ou interested in Tomoe? Did they have that kind of relationship? Why the hell did he touched and kissed Tomoe’s hair. Tomoe only belongs to ME Nanami, me definitely.


Weeeee Tomoe still goes to school as Nanami. He gets all teary eyed when he gets Nanami’s letter, she left for him. She thanks him for going to school and asks him to study hard for her English test and get 80 marks. Poor Tomoe got the letter late and only four hours are left.


Nanami can’t do anything without Tomoe. Her Mamoru faints


and she writes the talismans wrong and if by chance she writes it right it’s still useless.


First Otohiko



then Kirihito makes her realize that.


Ssshhhhh Tomoe is sleeping


aawww he is cute


Is that a hazmat suit? but the air of Netherworld is not harmful to Gods.


Thinking about me



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