Things I’m doing besides studying


Okay I will be honest, who the hell designed this new theme or design or whateverthisis for the wordpress? I’m still lost in the mountains and can’t find my way back. Please, can’t you keep things simple for someone stupid like me?

Finally, finished Barakamon T_T so good. I love everything about it. The story is not difficult to follow and you will be laughing all the time. So if you have some free time and want to relax and enjoy then go ahead watch this series called JUNON BOI…. BARAKAMON.

Oh yes I almost forgot, last month I watched Kuroshitsuji’s live action kyaaaa Sebby coming to life kyaaaaa. It would be better if you wouldn’t compare the live action with the anime or manga.

The action scenes were done brilliantly. Action scenes are not complete if Rurouni Kenshin is not mentioned. I have yet to watch the last part. Anyone knows where can I find it? Everything is perfect in Rurouni Kenshin….PERFECTION is another name for this live action series.

Hmm what else I watched..? Bad Guys, an amazing series. I need to learn how to fight like Jung tae and be funny like Woong chul, charismatic like Jung moon and scary like the mad dog Goo tak. The secret was well hidden till the end. Is Jung Moon the killer or not? Who is the main mastermind? Can we trust each other?


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