Things I’m doing besides studying my eyes and brains off.


Watching anime and may be dramas DUH! Oh and don’t forget reading mangas. So here I’m talking about what I watch TA-DA

Watching junon boi (read: boy) Barakamon is such a light anime and Naru is love. I want her to grow up quickly and be with her junon boi. Though Miwa is another candidate for junon boi but….I LOVE NARU. The megane girl, Miwa’s friend is hilarious. She is a fujoshi but won’t admit. All is all it’s a nice anime and Hina is a cry baby. I’m not done with the anime yet, even though its only 12 episodes, dagnabbit. I’m not ready for junon boy to leave the island T.T (Thanks “D” for recommending it to me)

Tokyo Ghoul Root A*screams* Kaneki with white hair looks so kakkoiiii. He is gotten stronger and faster and I freaking love his mask. I wonder why didn’t anyone said anything about his white hair. Is it normal to change hair color if you are a ghoul? Why are you leaving Kaneki?

Kamiasama Hajimeimashita season 2. ojichan-obacha-ojichan, I love when Nanami says this. Tomoe….tomoe….tomoe….tomoe…tomoe…kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. You probably hate when I do this.

Dr. Frost. Song Chang Eui, nuff said. (“D” probably knows why I’m not saying anything)

Ohmygod omygodohmygod Kill Me Heal Me is so much fun except for the stupid taking over the company and whatnot. I again fell in love with Ji Sung and Hwang Jung eum. “7 January 2015 at 10. I fell for you.” Kkkkyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Okay I’m torn between Do hyun and Shin Se gi. I can take one and Ri jin can take the other and we lived happily ever after or Ri jin took both T.T and here I’m waiting for my hubby.

Cha Do hyun is a chaebol with six different personalities due to childhood trauma and Oh Ri jin is a psychiatrist. She has a twin brother Ri on and he is a writer but for some reason is gathering info on Do hyun.

Se Gi has fallen for Ri jin but when Do hyun appears misunderstanding tags along and you can’t help but laugh because Do hyun thinks Ri jin is a patient and not a doctor. Do hyun has someone else he likes, Chae yeon and I hate her.

Se gi is pretty violent and he will bash open your head if you made him angry. He wants to take over Do hyun and wants to command everyone but Do hyun won’t let him do whatever he wants. At the end of episode two Do hyun wishes Se gi to appear because Ri jin is in danger but another personality appears, Ferry Park and he speaks with a dialect.

I’m so enjoying this. I want the rest of the drama to continue on the same pattern and hope the rest of the personalities are entertaining too.


3 comments on “Things I’m doing besides studying my eyes and brains off.

  1. Ehhhh D is here! XD
    Aww, you’ve introduced me to so many mindblowing-ly awesome animes like Kuroshitsuji, and that’s just one of MANY! 😀
    Barakamon is love, Naru is love, Junon Boi is life!! We want season 2! Please, please anime lords!
    Damn yes Kaneki is all cool and cold now! Wonder where TG will go from here. 0.0
    Song Chang Eui and ‘white hair’ hehehehe i know why you won’t say anymore…Korean much? *wink* xD
    Se Gi! I hope he takes over Do hyun ehehehe love love love his badass character. The scene where he confesses to the girl…Killer ❤


    • Miss Khan says:

      MK is here ^___^
      awww….i think i talked more about mangas than anime
      Kaneki looked shy and girly before to me. I like him more now. white hair suit him. i would probably look like a witch.
      Ssshhhhhh…its all because of you. you said i would have two plots of Dr. Phrostu. one original the other mine, hahhaha
      we can dream about getting a confession like that. drama world is dream too. Eeeppp you want Se gi to stay and Do hyun to disappear? or Do hyun can take the awesome traits of his all personalities, mix them up or not… done….Se gi can stay.


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