Kamisama Hajimemashita Season 2 Episode 1


Heya guys, how have you been? Great, I’m fine too and Happy new year to you too. Yes, I know its been over a month since I was last seen but here I’m.

I was so excited when I saw that kamehaji season 2 has already arrived. Why didn’t anyone tell me?

Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I watched the first episode and kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

I don’t remember much about season 1 for some reason but I know that I loved everything in it. Tomoe..tomoe…tomoe….kyaaaaaa sorry for fangirling. I need to clip his nails or he will poke someones eyes out.


Okay, so episode 1 starts with a dream Akura-ou is having. Who is Akura? The evil king. Tomoe was with him once, remember? I regret not reading the manga.



All is going well in the shrine. Tomoe and Nanami banter like they used too and Tomoe misses Mikage. The most important thing is that Nanami has fallen for Tomoe. Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and she gets jealous when Otohiko hugs Tomoe….kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Ojichan-obachan-ojichan as Nanami likes to call the wind god Otohiko. He…I mean she…ohGod… Otohiko has come to tell Nanami to join the Gods in Izumo, since Mikage is absent. At first she refuses but agrees to go once she learns that Mikage’s whereabouts could be learned. Tomoe is against all this. Otohiko gives a test to Nanami, an egg and asks her to raise the shikigami for seven days.


Mizuki accidentally breaks the egg and a baby monkey appears. Nanami later names it Mamoru which means “to protect”. But first Nanami needs protection from a giant spider and Tomoe to the rescue. Nanami still hasn’t learned her lesson and still insists on going to Izumo. She brings talismans to school but they are useless when the spidey miasma attacks again and engulfs Nanami. Tomoe once again saves her.


Tomoe can’t wash the black blood from his hands and it makes him remember the first time he met Mikage, he had blood on him and wonders why. Stupid spidey miasma attacks Tomoe and on the other side Otohiko tells Nanami to use shikigami. Here she names it Momoru and he runs to the spidey. Tomoe is still fighting and Nanami reaches him, actually she runs into his arms. Mamoru’s pure light purifies the building. Nanami thanks Tomoe for saving her but Tomoe says it’s his line. Otohiko says, Nanami has passed her test.


Yay I liked the episode though I didn’t much bothered to understand everything. Akura-ou’s appearance is a bad omen. Nanami save Tomoe will ya? Tomoe..tomoe…tomoe…tomoe…tomoe… kyaaaaaa



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