My Thoughts and My Stuff -20- (Important Announcement)

myts 2

Guys, gather around as I have something important to tell. I maybe taking a leave for a week or for a few days. There’s something new happening in my life and I want to adjust to it.

If everything works fine, I will tell you guys what’s happening. No, I’m not getting married, yet. God knows why my future hubby is taking his sweet time in finding me.

The real reason is, I used all my English and now I’m broke so I’m going to get some.

Till then



3 comments on “My Thoughts and My Stuff -20- (Important Announcement)

  1. I cannot wait to know, MK! o_o


  2. MK, my kakaotalk stopped working! D:
    Please reply when you read this!


    • Miss Khan says:

      noooooo. reply where? here? I have already send you a message yesterday on katalk. I’m sorry I’m reading this message today. why isn’t it working? as I was writing this I got your message that katalk has started working again. yay ^___^


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