Pinocchio Episode 5


I love how the story is moving. Darkness will soon take over the lightheartedness. Let’s be true and straight, nothing has been cleared yet. In ha doesn’t know her mother’s hand in ruining Dal po’s family and that the stalker boy Bom jo was pretending to be her mother and the most important thing Dal po also loves her.


Jae myung thinks that he is all alone in this world and the only one who knows what happened to his father. Dal po wants to meet his brother and want to become a reporter not because of In ha but because he wants to tell the world about his father’s wrongful death. Dal po gets selected and In ha again fails. She works at a convenience store and stalker Bom jo is there to give her company. Dal po doesn’t want In ha to become a reporter because if she did he would see her mother in her and it will be hard for him.


Dal po’s station is having good views by people and evil mommy’s of In ha’s channel is declining in popularity. She gives an opportunity to In ha to join her. In ha can’t stop hiccuping because she hasn’t told the truth to Dal po that she loves him. She finally tells and her hiccups stop. She asks him to pretend he never heard it. Dal po is willing to do that but asks what if her feelings never subsides? In ha’s sure that won’t happen because they are family and her feelings for him are not that deep yet. Everyone has forgotten In ha’s birthday even her mother. Only Dal po and stalker boy remember but they never wish her.



Seems like Jae myung is following the lying workers who caused his father’s death. He steals the worker’s wallet. In ha and Bom jo join evil mommy’s company through back doors. In ha doesn’t tell at home. Dal po is having a hard time on his job. He feels sick and all the three members of his family bring him medicine.



Dal po gets a call to pay the damages of the truck but it’s not from Jae myung but from his friend. Jae myung is meeting the worker. Worker falls in a sewer and Jae myung locks him in and wants him to feel the way his father did. He has killed his colleagues and the blame would come on the worker and no one will be able to find him and if one day his remains come to surface no one will bother to know the true story. He tells him that he is the son of the firefighter.



Dal po on the other hand tells his senior, Gyo Dong. He told him eight years ago he hates the place and the reporters and still does. The reason for becoming the reporter is that he wants to tell his real name. He is the son of the firefighter. He is willing to learn everything that is to become a real reporter.


Noooooooooo. Why Jae myung? Why did you go to the dark side? No one gives cookies and candies there and there are no unicorns or rainbows.

When will In ha know about the stalker Bom jo? She will of course feel hurt and betrayed. There seems to be love going on this side even though its one-sided by Bum jo but our second couple, Dal po and Yoo ra doesn’t even notice each other.

When will In ha know about Dal po’s feelings for her? Will she join Dal po to bring her evil mommy down?

What’s with the name Jae, people suffer with that name. Jae yul, Jae wan, and now Jae myung.


3 comments on “Pinocchio Episode 5

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  2. Eleen says:

    I would like to know where you watch or download all your kdrama??



    • Miss Khan says:

      I use a video downloader and its betraying me, so these days I watch the dramas online.
      dramabay and myasiantv and if I can’t find on them then Mr.Google is a great helper.


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