Liar Game Episode 11


I want season 2. I know we have one episode left but….season 2 is season 2. I don’t want to hear anything except the confirmation for season 2. Get it. I need season 2.

This was again an OHMYGOD episode. Do young the mastermind, the puppet master wants his friends back and that’s why he is doing what he is doing. Not only Woo jin but Da jung too is connected to him. Did I mention, I need season 2?


Woo jin tells Da jung that its true. He is the one behind her father’s debt. It broke my hear when Woo jin tried to hold Da jung’s arm but didn’t. The chairman of Lloyd is Do young. The most surprising thing is that Woo jin told people to invest in L company. Is it true or is it like another game of Do young?


A man in black took Da jung’s father. Da jung wants to meet her father but pd says she can’t contact him. Jamie tries to console Da jung. Da jung knows Woo jin didn’t tell her because he felt bad for what he had done.


The reinstatement round starts and no news of hacker boy. What? Didn’t he die? How come no one knows? Is he still alive? What happened to him? Bulldog and actor play Poker with Do young. But they are forgetting who they are playing with. Do young lets them win first and then turns the table and qualifies for the final round.


Do young send a text to Woo jin. Da jung’s father has been kidnapped. Woo jin takes his cop friend to the building where his mother died. Someone knocks the cop out. Woo jin takes the cops gun. There is no one except a tied up doll and it has a painting in its lap. Woo jin recognizes the painting. He saw it in Do young’s house. The painting triggers a memory of three kids, two boys and one girl playing near a well.


Woo jin comes back in time for the final game. He asks Do young about Da jung’s father but he won’t say anything. The final round starts and its called “Russian Roulette”. You can’t talk to anyone unless it’s your turn. You can either choose to load or shoot or avoid. If you avoid and the other person shoots you can direct the hit to anyone. You have 5 hearts and if they are all used you are eliminated. The eliminated person’s gun will go to the person who killed him. Loan shark deliberately loses to find Da jung’s father as he planned with Woo jin. His gun goes to Do young. In the next round Jamie loses. Her gun also goes to Do young. She doesn’t care about losing, she just wants the other two to destroy Do young.


Since three players are left, the location changes. Meanie director tells Da jung not to trust Woo jin and shows her something. Woo jin’s buddy cop checks his gun and a bullet is missing. Do young points his gun at Da jung. She points her gun at Woo jin and Woo jin of course points his gun at Do young. and our 60 minutes are up.


What? So does Woo jin have the real bullet?

How come Da jung and Woo jin doesn’t remember anything from the past? Why does Do young remember? How come Da jung was with the boys in the orphanage?

What will happen to Do young, Woo jin and Da jung?

Did Do young started the game so the other two can remember the past? Why? Why is the past so important?

What was Woo jin’s mother doing at the orphanage?

What did the meanie director showed to Da jung?

What is Da jung’s father’s fault? Why is he kidnapped?

What happened to hacker boy? Why wasn’t his death confirmed?


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