Shanakht Episode 10


Now this is how you make people believe in you. Finally, at least someone has started to accept Annie. Both Rohaan’s and Annie’s father are sensible, at least someone is. The women have gone crazy. Can I please not have Kashaf’s husband on my screen. Every time he appears I want to strangle him. Love was blind in Kashaf’s case and was deaf in Hashim’s.

Rohaan and Annie decide to invite Kashaf and Haris on dinner. The dinner gets ruined thanks to Haris. Kashaf tells him that she was embarrassed because of his behavior and Haris thinks he wasted time there. Annie and Rohaan wonder why Haris have such negative thoughts about the religion and them?

The leaked dance video is seen by everyone. Kashaf sees and tells Annie about it. Annie’s mother-in-law gets the news from her friend and Rohaan sees it too. Annie helps the girls and the video gets deleted. Annie’s mother-in-law as usual shouts at her but the girls jump in to save their sister-in-law. Mother doesn’t like that they are taking Annie’s side.

Rohaan comes home angry and Annie calms him and tells him that she has taken care of everything. Rohaan feels helpless as he was not able to show the right path to his family. Rohaan’s sisters start to like Annie and one of them thinks she should also start wearing hijab but the other stops her.

Faryal the weird friend of Hashim’s is now his girlfriend. His parents can feel that their son has changed. His parents want him to come back but he doesn’t want to come. I heard love is blind but is it deaf too? Faryal speaks weird.

Haris the special kind of loser, demands a flat from Kashaf’s parents. Kashaf’s father won’t give in to his demands anymore. He compares his both son-in-laws to his wife and Rohaan is clearly the better one.

Kashaf feels ashamed by Haris asking for a flat. Haris tells her that the inheritance is hers so he is just taking their share. Kashaf has finally realized the mistake she has made. Kashaf was blind in love and this is the result.

Rohaan decides to go to his convocation but he can’t leave the office empty. Annie decides to help but he doesn’t want that. He wants her to go with him. Mother-in-law as usual is ready to sour the mode. Annie decides she won’t go and will help father-in-law. This also doesn’t sit right with mother-in-law. Why is Annie handling the business? Her husband can’t make her understand. She is a lost cause leave her.


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