Shanakht Episode 8


vlcsnap-2014-11-23-09h15m52s215Annie and Rohaan start a new chapter together of their lives but the families are not happy. The marriage was simple and as usual the women of both sides were like a broken record.


I just can’t believe Rohaan’s mother. She tells Annie who by the way was sitting in her bedroom as a bride that she doesn’t like her and from now on Annie has to do what she says. Annie looks like she will cry and she does. Rohaan thinks she is crying because she left her parents house. No you sweet guy, it’s your mother. She yelled at your innocent wife. How sweet, Rohaan gives her a bracelet and she loves it. Its called “mooh dikhai” the husband sees his wife for the first time after wedding and gives her a gift.

Rohann’s mother blames everything on Annie. Poor girl didn’t even do anything. Rohaan is changing because of Annie. When did that happen? And moreover she doesn’t want Annie to take hijab when they visit their friends and if she doesn’t want that, she can stay home.

No one talks to Annie in the house. Her sister-in-laws are rude and this makes her cry. Annie’s mother visits her with Kashaf and no one welcomes them. This is also a tradition. Bride’s family brings breakfast the next day to her new house.

Annie’s mother complains to her husband. She knows Annie’s in-laws doesn’t like her. She didn’t want her daughter to marry Rohaan. Father tells her, she also got her wish by agreeing with Kashaf’s choice. Rohaan was his choice and Annie likes him.

Hashim knows that Annie got married but he doesn’t know that his cousin is married to his friend. I want to see his reaction. He rejected Annie. Your loss Hashim.

I don’t like Kashaf’s fiancé. His name is Haris. He is very demanding. And I think Kashaf is going to regret this marriage.


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