Liar Game Episode 10


This episode was best of the best of the best. I never felt this happy with Jamie’s betrayal ever. We finally see Do young losing his cool and boy it was scary. He went to la la land. The day we were dreading is here, Woo jin’s secret is no longer a secret and with him Do young’s past has revealed. What’s the connection between the two guys? I can’t believe next week will be the last one. I want season 2.

Episode 10

Loan sharks betrayal shocks everyone. Woo jin asks the reason? He knew one of the two will betray but he never thought loan shark would be the one. They signaled through the windows. That’s why Woo jin wrote to Da jung to put more money. But she surprised him as well with the full case. Da jung says, she did because she was angry at Do young. Loan sharks did it for Da jung. He wanted her to quit the game and sided with Do young to get enough money. He cries and apologizes. Woo jin hugs him and forgives him.



They make a new plan, of course Woo jin is the one coming up with a plan. They will have to team up with the team B so they can transfer the money. To get their trust they will give their cards to them except for Jamie. She won’t do anything for free and the team only need 3 cards. They send Da jung to persuade them. She persuades all three of them and asks them to give a signal if they agree. They give a signal and Do young seems suspicious of them.



Do young becomes the inspector and Woo jin comes from the other side. Woo jin has a plan to take care of Do young so their other plan wouldn’t flop. He first takes the cards and hides the money in a vent and runs back to the room. He says he was late because he was practicing his expressions. They aren’t easy to control even with practice. They remain with the wounds and fears. Do young taunts him to lecture at a school. Woo jin asks if the reason for eliminating the fortune-teller was because she was right about him. He is traitor and someone who will kill his own parents. Do young warns him but Woo jin keeps pressing and asks if he was an orphan and if he used to live in Walden two. A place were innocent kids were brought and taught to hate and betray each other. Do young loses his cool and Woo jin says, his outburst makes him a human. Do young guesses the amount wrong. Woo jin had an empty case. Do young comes back to his team and smashes things. He smashed a speaker. His team is scared. He gives them a card and tells them to keep playing he is going to take a break.



Team B gets into action and starts transferring money. The get the cards as promised. My heart almost stopped when actor dropped the money in the hallway. Thank you hacker boy, he picked it up. They put all the money in their vent. Do young has lost his mind and is doing something with the broken speaker’s magnet. He asks his team what would happen if all of them decided to betray him? He takes out the lighter and threats to burn the cards. He gets a warning.



Do young is one of a kind. He knows his team has betrayed him. He gets all six cards from them. He again takes out the lighter to burn the cards but his team isn’t scared. He wouldn’t be able to bring back the money. But they are forgetting Do young has Jamie. He is going to get her help.


Team A watches the other team and feels something has gone wrong. Do young comes out as an inspector and Jamie goes from the A team. He tells her their plan has flopped and shows her the cards and asks her to join him. He will give her two cards. The teams can’t hear what they are saying. Do young stops her but her case is empty and he slams his hand on the table. He is acting and team A falls for it. They thank Da jung and she thanks to Woo jin. Woo jin notices Do young laughing. He asks Jamie if Do young said anything and she lies. As the game continues Jamie keeps thinking and Woo jin watches her.



Do young scratches his team members cards with the magnet and asks the staff to reissue them. Pd and meanie director watch him as he will be betraying Jamie by giving her fake cards.


Last round of the game and Do young again comes out for inspection and Jamie joins him as a smuggler. Do young as promised gives her two cards but Jamie demands more and he gives her another. They decide to show the betrayal to everyone and Jamie poses with a V sign. Loan shark gets angry. He was right about her.



Do young exits the inspection room and camera crew is filming something. He thinks its him but no it’s the pile of money behind him in team A’s area. Jamie betrayed him. Muhahaha. I love everyone’s reaction. They never thought they would come to like Jamie. Woo jin quickly writes something and shows to the other team. He has asked them to commit treason. Hacker boy is the first one to block the door so Do young can’t enter and the rest of two follow. B team couldn’t smuggle and wasted their turn.



I like how Jamie is sitting on the pile of money and fanning herself. Do young comes back to her and asks the reason for changing. Jamie says, she herself has no idea. Flashback. Woo jin asked her if Do young said something and she lied but he knew she is planning to betray them. He can sense from team B that Do young knows about their plan. Jamie agrees she is planning to betray them. Loan shark tells her that he will break her legs on the cost of getting eliminated. Da jung stops the fight and gives Jamie the choice to do what she wants. Awww Da jung changed Jamie.


Back to the studio. Meanie director tells the result. Team A won the game. It’s funny how everyone is rejoicing except for Do young. Do young says, he won because he has the original cards. He inserts them and they are fake. Woo jin says he also knew about reissuing the cards. So the cards he gave to team B were fake. He did in case something like this happened. Woo jin gives the real cards to the team B. and with that the Smuggling game has come to an end.


Do young says to Woo jin that he is using Da jung and quotes Anton Chekhov, “if there is a gun in first chapter it is bound to go off in the third chapter.” He warns Woo jin that he has planted a bomb in Da jung’s head. Woo jin warns him as the gun is under his jaw. Jamie walks with her heavy money case and Da jung asks her to ride with them.



Hacker boy, bull-dog and actor meet to decide if they should quit or play the reinstatement game. If they don’t play, Do young will proceed to the next round. Da jung has done so much for them and they decide to give Do young a tough time. They are not quitting.



Loan shark leaves Woo jin and Da jung alone. Why are they both awkward with each other? There are not in love or anything so why? Woo jin uses Da jung’s computer to see the contents of the USB. There is false data about Do young’s parents and his life. Lloyd Capital a foreign company was rumored to buy JVN but it was actually a second firm of an investment company. They were also rumors that they are planning to buy L company and because of that their stock prices rose. Woo jin sees a picture, it’s of younger Do young, he is with Woo jin and his mother. Da jung comes from behind and Woo jin shuts down the screen. She tells him what Do young said. Woo jin is behind her father’s debt. She has no idea why he said that. Woo jin remembers Do young saying that he has planted a bomb in Da jung’s head. He tells her he would meet her tomorrow at her working place. He has something to tell her about Do young and about himself.


Hacker boy passes a suspicious man. He gets into the lift and gets a call from Do young asking, what would happen if the Pandora box is opened? And the lift crashes. Noooooooo. Did he die?


Pd looks at the information Do young gave on Woo jin. He is the reason Da jung’s father is in a debt. Meanie director wants to run the story but pd doesn’t want too. She gives excuses but the meanie director tells her to go ahead.


Da jung’s friend watches the show on her cellphone and asks her not to spoil it. Woo jin as promised goes to Da jung. Where did her friend go? Da jung’s hears the audio and looks at the cellphone. Her father’s story is airing. He says he tried to commit suicide and Do young telling her that her father’s debt is because of Woo jin. The story is confirmed to be true. Da jung cries and Woo jin leaves after seeing her crying.



Do young calls Woo jin. Woo jin asks him how does he know him and his mother and what happened at the orphanage. Do young asks if he doesn’t remember the true nature of his mother? He lost his memories after seeing that. Do young again was looking creepy in the last scene.




So good. I can’t even explain how amazing this episode was.

What happened between Do young and Woo jin’s mother? Was Woo jin’s mother not a nice person?

Woo jin has amnesia?

Will Da jung trust Woo jin again?

I loved Jamie’s betrayal. Muah muah. She is a changed person now so can I pair her with the nicest loan shark ever?

Do young going crazy was a nice change.

Did the hacker boy die? Why would you do that, Do young? Is it because he gave the secret info on Do young to Woo jin? Now I remember, I forgot in the last episode. A suspicious guy passed loan shark and Woo jin when they were coming from Da jung’s house. Woo jin didn’t pay attention but loan shark did turn couple of times. He was suspicious of that guy.


3 comments on “Liar Game Episode 10

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  2. aleilani says:

    I love how Jamie tricked him easily and how Do Young was losing it. Especially the end when he thought he would win. By the way, do you know how many episodes there are or will be?


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