Liar Game Episode 9



New week means new episode and new round but one thing remains the same. Who is your foe and who is your friend? Betrayal always hits hard but it hurts more when the betrayer is the person you trusted the most.

Episode 9

Woo jin asks his reporter friend to look into Do young’s past records. She can’t fine anything. Woo jin takes sunglasses guys help. Let’s change his name to hacker boy. Woo jin asks him to hack into Do young’s life.


Pd meets with Da jung’s father and asks him to call his daughter. He tells her, he tried to commit suicide once and Da jung doesn’t know about that.

Do young gives an interview in which he states he is afraid of Da jung than Woo jin. The trio is at Da jung’s house. Loan shark wants Da jung to quit the game but she doesn’t have the penalty fee. She decides that if she forfeited they would have to do the same. Okay, no one is leaving the game.

Meanie director wants Jamie to manipulate both the sides and be with Do young in the end and win.

The 5th game is the smuggling game. Do young chooses his team because he won the last round. He keeps actor, bull-dog and tosses out Jamie and puts the hacker boy in. he welcomes the boy by hugging him. Hacker boy secretly gives a USB to Woo jin.

Rules of the game are. There will be two teams. East team and west team. I’ll most probably be confused so I’m going to name them. Team A and B. Team A of course is Woo jin’s team. Both the teams have kept their money $5Million in other teams bank. A war is about to happen and both the teams have to smuggle the money back to their side before the time runs out and you have to beware of the inspection. If the inspector thinks you are smuggling, he will stop you and will guess the amount. If the amount is right, it will belong to the inspector but if the amount is wrong or the case is empty the inspector will have to pay a fine. The participants are given a card. They can withdraw the money from that and if they lose it they will lose the money.

A team fights with each other. Loan shark can’t and doesn’t want to trust Jamie. Da jung says they are doing what Do young wants and Woo jin agrees with her. They make a plan to keep the case empty. The game starts with A team smuggling the money and Da jung is the smuggler. She pretends she has a case full of money but her acting sucks and she gets caught. *Face palm and head desk*. Team A’s turn ends with none of the member succeeding. Team B’s turn to smuggle. Jamie gets Do young as a smuggler. He deliberately wastes the time so her team would become suspicious of her. Later Do young disappears from the room. He is in the bathroom controlling his expressions. His team decides to go ahead even though he is the one giving out orders. Team A sends Woo jin as the inspector and he stops the smuggling.



Do young takes his team’s cards as he will play the smuggler and the inspector by himself and will use their cards. Hacker boy keeps telling his partners they shouldn’t trust Do young. Do young asks them to go win against Woo jin or stay silent. He tells them to play the betrayal game while he plays the smuggling game. The members have to see if one of them is trying to communicate with the other team. Do young will take that persons card and will give to the one who reported him.

Do young becomes the inspector in the next game and tells loan shark that he can read a persons face and can tell how much money he has and guesses it right. Team A thinks of a plan and sends Da jung with odd number of money and he guesses it again. This time Woo jin is surprised too. Do young controlling his expression was other thing but reading face is different. Do young keeps guessing it right and even Woo jin can’t counter attack.

Do young gives back the cards to his team. Loan shark thinks he can do the same as Do young and actually starts guessing the exact amount. Soon both teams stops smuggling and brings the empty cases. This can’t go much longer as B team will win. Woo jin comes up with a plan and writes something to Da jung. She has to control her expressions as he has written and Do young will not be able to guess the amount. They decide Da jung will take $50K.

Do young is the inspector and asks if Woo jin told her to hide the expressions. He asks her if she knew Woo jin was behind her fathers debt. Da jung doesn’t believe him. She thinks he is trying to make her suspicious of Woo jin so he can win. Do young guesses the amount $50K and Da jung opens the case full of money. She yells in the mic for team B to listen that Do young can’t read face it’s all a trick and they shouldn’t believe in him. Jamie turns to Woo jin. What’s going on? Woo jin asks why did you do it? But he is not asking Jamie but loan shark.




Nooooooooooooooooo. Why? Would you do that? You were the nicest loan shark ever.

I love how they call Jamie the icon of betrayal.

What was in the USB hacker boy gave to Woo jin?

What will Da jung do when she will realize that Woo jin was indeed behind the debt of her father?

In a day how many times Do young practices maintaining his creepy expression?

Do young looks different with his new hair style. I liked the old one better.


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