Shanakht Episode 1


Done watching the first episode of “Shanakht” a Pakistani drama. Thank you FF so much for suggesting it to me ^___^

It’s a story about a girl Quratulain (Annie) who is different from everyone. Different as in she is a religious person and no one likes the change in her. She got inspired by her friend Aisha and decided to become like her. Her sister Kashaf is totally opposite. Both sisters are like day and night. Annie’s father is supportive of her but not her mother. Annie has a cousin named Hashim. They both are university students. Hashim’s parents decide to ask for Annie’s hand and Annie’s family is also interested in Hashim. But what will be Hashim’s and Annie’s decision?

The writer chose a nice topic. Annie’s mother is a very, I don’t know how to define her. She is very strange. She wears a locket which has Allah written and she thinks by doing this she has become a true Muslim. What Annie is doing, is what a true Muslim does. But no one is appreciating her because in their circle on one dresses like her.

A special mention of Hashim’s friend. Whatever his name is. He deserves a slap actually countless slaps. He has such a cheap mentality. I want to strangle him.

I’m a proud Muslim and yes, I wear hijab and cover my face as well. I started wearing abaya since I was like 10. I remember when I visited Pakistan at the age of 14, everyone was surprised to see me. Why are you covering your face? I answered, because I like to. I don’t want anyone else to see how I look. Why would I show my face to strangers? Don’t you guys find strange when a random person stares and glares at you? I like who I am. When I decided to wear hijab, there was no opposition from my parents. Why? Because my mum does the same and I as a daughter am following what my mother does and it’s in my religion.

I used to cover my face in college too and a girl asked me, why? My answer was simple. I like to and its in the religion. The next day that girl came to college with her face covered. Everyone has their own preferences but when talking about Islam, you can’t make mends as you like. It’s a religion and its to be followed as advised.

Let me clear one thing. In Islam, you can marry your cousin and a man can marry four women at one time.


7 comments on “Shanakht Episode 1

  1. FF says:

    Glad you liked it. I’m enjoying it sooooo much. Lovely review btw
    Soooo agree about Hashim. I hate people like him (didnt like his character in humsafar either hehe , but his acting was gd)
    I like this drama coz it different to the millions-times-done mother-in-law daughte-in-law stories.
    So you wear niqab. M’A you’re very brave. Do your mum and sister also wear it? I wear hijab but not abaya (but I do wear loose clothing not skinny jeans hah)


    • Miss Khan says:

      Me too I’m loving this drama. This is the only paki drama I’m watching. Thank you again.
      stupid Khizer broke the happy marriage in Humsafar to get that stupid girl Sara
      and here as Hashim he doesn’t want to get married to a nice girl. become gay you useless guy.
      Yes, I wear niqab and my mum and sis does the same. i never ever wore pants or t-shirts in my life. girls in my family doesn’t wear shirts and pants.
      have you heard about Jackson Heights? I love the OST. I’m planning on watching this next. do you know how many episodes will Shanakht have?


      • FF says:

        Lol @ become gay!!
        Aah I see, living in UK, it is okay for us to wear jeans n stuff, but my mum wears cultural clothese even though she was also born in UK but her dad was quite strict.
        I don’t actually know how many eps Shanakht will have, but I’m assuming around 23.
        Yessss I am also watching JHs but not enjoying too much as not much going on in it – it is an ohkay pastime though.
        I would recommend Sadqay Tumharay – again an on-air drama but the story is soo simple yet beautiful 🙂


        • amin says:

          This drama is not real it gives you a message that if you wear Hijab you are an angel
          I don’t think how you dress makes you a good person . Human has to be good from inside (heart) not outside also a beard does not make you a great Muslim I think the writer of this drama wears a hijab and giving bad message to public
          May be all the women in Pakistan should wear hijab and all the men should have beard so we should be going regressive even though Islam teaches you to be progressive

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          • Miss Khan says:

            this drama is a lot better then the ridiculous plots out there. then again its on the viewers how they want to interpret it.
            having a good heart does not mean you can be naked and if you are talking about what Islam says, then Islam tells women to wear niqab and hijab. men has the order to lower their gaze. growing a beard is sunat. instead of following Islam we are following modernism because its easy to follow.


        • Miss Khan says:

          @FF. i have watched 3 episodes of jackson heights and its still going good. Imran Bhatti is of course the most entertaining character. i love when he says, “hain…haan”
          i think i have seen one of the clips of Sadqay tumharey. it has Mahira khan as a school girl and she has difficulty pronouncing an alphabet, right?


          • FF says:

            Yes Imran Bhattis character is so very well played.
            Yes that a the one, I Dont remember anything about alphabet, but I probably missed that part. I am loving the simplicity of Sudqay Tumharay


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