My Thoughts and My Stuff -19-

myts 2

Today I decided to share something with you. Not my story but the songs that I like.

Okay so you are not interested in them? Totally fine with me. T_T

Let’s start with “Meri zaat zara-e-benishan”. The drama was based on the novel of the same name written by “Umera Ahmed”. Of course I read the novel but didn’t watch the whole drama but some snippets. The story was brilliantly written and it would make you cry in seconds. The moment I heard the OST I fell in love with it. The drama was a super hit.

Next is “Humsafar” again an adaptation from the novel by the same name, written by “Farhat Ishtiaq”. It’s also a super-duper hit drama. I have read the novel and have seen the drama. The OST is beautiful.

The short version

The long version


The both stories have something in common. “Evil mothers of the male leads” they treat the female lead with cruelty and at that moment they don’t worry about the karma but when the karma comes back to haunt them. They ask for forgiveness from the girls and they forgive them. 

Prepare some more tissues. This novel made me cry buckets and dams of tears. “Mata-e-jaan hai tu” A drama adapted from the novel. Written by “Farhat Ishtiaq” the same writer of “Humsafar”. I read the novel but couldn’t watch the series because of my exams but I did watch first couple of episodes. It is one of the novels I referred to my friend. She read and called me crying saying, “I was cruel”. She did watch the drama and told me that she cried again. *huggie huggie Jabz*

short version

long version

Coming next is “Mein Abdul Qadir hoon” of course an adaptation of the novel written by “Serwat Nazeer” it’s a story of a boy named Abdul Qadir and his 3 phases of life. A brilliant drama with an amazing OST.


See I’m such a nice person I didn’t give any spoilers. And yes, these all are Pakistani dramas. I think Humsafar and Meri zaat zara-e-benishaan are subbed. MZZB is definitely on viki because I did leave a comment there.

I need to watch a good Pakistani drama. I’m craving for some “desi” stuff.


3 comments on “My Thoughts and My Stuff -19-

  1. FF says:

    Love your list. My faves are humsafar ost and the one of Mein Abdul Qadir hoon.

    I’m watching a current drama right now, it’s called Shanakht – have you heard of it? I would definitely recommend that.


    • Miss Khan says:

      Thank you for telling me about Shanakht. i wrote a mini review on it.
      did you watch any of the above dramas?
      I really loved Mein Abdul Qadir hoon. it was nice and sweet and Fahad really did an impressive job portraying AQ. I adored the first phase of his life. A naive boy falling in love and getting rejected.and the third form was perfect.
      Humsafar, even my cats know about that drama, hehehe. i remember i was tutoring my cousin’s daughter for her final exams and that day was the last day of Humsafar. i asked her to call her friend because she was missing some of the questions. i thought i would watch as she will get the material but she came back and said, my friend is also watching humsafar. i was like, don’t you have final exam tomorrow and i don’t think this drama is for children. oh well, i watched the drama and then i continued with her studies.


      • FF says:

        You’re very welcome. Yes I have actually watched all the above dramas and loved them all.
        Humsafar was the first Pakistani drama I watched and since then I’ve watched ALOT of other ones.
        Off to read ur mini review now 🙂


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