My Thoughts and My Stuff -18-

myts 2

Do you remember, this happened couple of years ago?

You sure you’re not making stuff up?

Now is it my fault that I remember things from the past and from when I was a little kid? It’s not like I wanted to store them, they are just there.

I kinda have a sharp and strong memory. Things remain with me for a long long while. On the other hand if I ask my sister what she ate yesterday, she would have already forgotten. And if I ask her something that happened some time ago, she would ask me if it was an imagination of mine. Not just her, my friends classmates did the same. They wouldn’t remember the memories we shared, not the one I’m talking about.

Then I wonder about my sister’s questions if I’m making that up after all I have a habit of talking to myself and I also do imagine different things.

Okay I need help. DOCTOR!!!!!


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