Pinocchio Episode 1


Now that Blade Man is ending I need something else to keep me busy. Pinocchio seems like a good fit.

I enjoyed the first episode and because it is the first episode half of the characters are not even introduced yet. But no worries if the first episode is this strong I’m willing to believe that it will remain the same or you can pray for that.

Episode 1

It is the year 2005. This is our hero Dal po. He is in a quiz show and he is the dumbest kid in school. Oh by the way his intro was breathtaking.


He is our heroine In ha’s uncle. In ha can’t lie and when she does, she hiccups. She is sure Dal po is going to win the quiz. A girl asks In ha if she likes Dal po. In ha clearly states NO and doesn’t hiccup.


This boy is the smartest kid in school and he was the dumbest in Blade Man.


Dal po lives a life of lies. His name is not Dal po but Ha myung. He is a genius like his brother Jae myung. Their father was a firefighter and he died in line of duty 5 years ago but was wrongly accused of killing his colleagues.


The pressure from the press and the victims families was too much to bear. The mother took the younger son and committed suicide. Ha myung survives and an old man takes him in as his son. Old man has Alzheimer and he is the grandfather of In ha.


In ha and his father decide to live with the old man because he is sick. Old man tells his son that Ha myung, now called Dal po is In ha’s uncle. Old man has definitely gone crazy because the real Dal po died years ago. Ha myung is willing to lie for his and old man’s sake. In ha and her father has no choice but to take part in the lie too. Dal po likes In ha and thinks she is pretty. He kisses her on the cheek when she guesses his father must be a nice guy.


In ha’s mother is a reporter. She is a ruthless woman. She and her husband are now divorced and In ha lives with his father. Dal po fixes the tv so In ha can watch her mother but when he sees her mother he gets angry as she was one of the reporters that went too far in accusing and blaming his father. In ha’s father doesn’t like In ha watching her mother on tv. Dal po tells him and he smashes the tv. In ha comes running to Dal po for help but he rejects her.


Jae myung passes by an electronics shop and see the ruthless woman on tv and on the other set is Ha myung.



The set up was nice and I cried for Ha myung’s family.

Will Dal po become a different kind of reporter to show In ha’s mother that one can find the truth and can be easy with the words. Why is she like that? I was screaming at my screen. No wonder her husband left her.

What will In ha do after finding the history between her mother and Dal po?

Is Ha myung’s mother still alive?

Dal po or Ha myung, I need to choose one name or I will confuse myself.


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