Blade Man Episode 17


Let me quickly write before I forget what happened in the episode. Oh wait nothing actually happened. Dammit, I wasted an hour. What was that? Tae hee the hell you came back for? No seriously if you had just died quietly and never interrupted the life’s of the rest, I might have felt sorry but not anymore. You can drop dead in the next episode and I won’t even blink.

Episode 17

Hong bin asks why head maid hid the letter and she lies that another maid threw it away. Someone please throw this woman away.


Seung hwan calls Hong bin because Se dong is drunk. Hong bin goes to her house but stays outside. Good job die in the cold.


Hong bin doesn’t want to take care of Tae hee and asks cutie to hit him until he drops dead. Because Tae hee was there for him so now he has to be there for her too. Tae hee needs to die like right now.


Hong bin tells cutie to send all the staff on leave. Gardner and driver thinks they are getting fired.  Just one more day guys.


Tae hee has gone to Bolivia, La paz. Hong bin follows her but cutie gave him the ticket of Las Vegas. Sorry I forgot to laugh here.


Tae hee is still in Korea and now Se dong is going somewhere. The both girls meet at Tae hee’s parents house. Tae hee’s mom thinks Se dong is Tae hee and Tae hee is someone else.


Hong bin also goes to the Tae hee’s parents village. He meets Se dong and spend our time-wasting. I mean drifting. He cries and apologizes and she hugs him. Tae hee thinks Se dong is lost but finds her hugging Hong bin.


Cutie has a date and head maid ruins it by leaving Chang in his care. Cutie has no choice but to take Chang with him. Chang keeps delaying him but Cutie finally reaches at the meeting place. His date also brought a little girl with her. She her niece. Good now Chang has a date too. Why isn’t there anyone in my life?


Daddy joo wants Chang and Tae hee to meet. Head maid says, she will help. Mommy Joo has enough of everything. She wants divorce from daddy Joo. Hong joo asks if she is abandoning him. Her reason is that he never liked her. Tips on how not to become a mother like her. contact, mommy Joo


Se dong quietly leaves but Tae hee catches up to her. She takes her back to the house and Hong Bin is there. She doesn’t want them to be apart just because she likes Hong bin. She wants Se dong to tell that how much she hates her for ruining her relationship. Se dong runs out and Hong bin follows her. He hugs her and she yells in anger that she hates Tae hee. You and me both



What the what was that?

Where are the answers?

Why was this episode all about Tae hee?

Why are all episodes about Tae hee?

Where is the hidden son of head maid and daddy Joo?

Where is Hong bin’s real father?

How and why the hell Hong bin sprouts blades?


2 comments on “Blade Man Episode 17

  1. Umm…don’t worry MK I am sharpening the blades I have, you know for what. -.-


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