Liar Game Episode 8


Never ever underestimate your opponent. I don’t know why Woo jin did that and more over he is a psychology professor. He should know more and that’s how Do young took control over him.

I’m scared. Do young is scary. I don’t hate him I’m scared of him. I don’t ever want to meet a person like him and if I did I would probably run as I’m no Woo jin or I would become his friend, becoming an enemy is not an option. Did I mention that I’m scared of Do young?


Episode 8

With congressman’s foolproof plan of creating a human barrier so no one can vote till the time ends. Woo jin accepts the challenge. He just raises his hand and actor high-fives him. He is in Woo jin’s team. When did that happen? Remember in the last episode loan shark and bull-dog had a fight? Sunglasses guy quietly and secretly gave a slip to him. Woo jin told him that the congressman’s third promise is a false and one of the four will be taken out. He asked to join him to become the main character of the story.


Loan shark wins this round with 5 votes. Do young has no votes and congressman got 3. Its time to fulfill the promise and give the $900K to the supporters but the safe is empty. Loan shark tells Woo jin and Da jung about the problem. Woo jin asks for some time before elimination and gathers his team. They start to quarrel as they think they are deceived again. Woo jin for the first time loses his temper on the members. He calms down and thinks rationally that the first promise Do young made about giving the money wasn’t false. He never said he would equally share the money. He gave the money to one person. Bull dog and actor open their safes to remove suspicion.



Its inevitable but loan shark will be eliminated because he used the false option before and now he can’t keep his promise. Woo jin gives a shocking news, loan shark won’t be eliminated because he told him to go for the truth in the first round. How amazing is that? Woo jin even deceived Da jung. She understands if she knew, she wouldn’t be able to hide. The team asks Woo jin, how to make a comeback in the game. Woo jin decides to eliminate the person who has the money. It’s either Jamie or the lawyer. To find who is the culprit Woo jin has a plan.



Woo jin will approach Jamie and tell her about the secret money and would ask her to write on the floor and lawyer will think she is showing Woo jin her safe. Woo jin will then tell the lawyer that he has seen Jamie’s safe. Lawyer would either show his safe too or would beg. He begs. Lawyer gets eliminated. Da jung feels bad and Do young smiles while hiding his face and Woo jin watches him.


Woo jin’s team knows that Do young’s last promise will be false. Woo jin asks them to choose between truth or false. Pd is impressed Woo jin found the money. She thinks Do young and Jamie will be eliminated but meanie director thinks Do young must have a plan.



Jamie joins Do young again. Do young knows Woo jin would have found the money no matter where he would have kept. Do young is too relaxed and tells Jamie the aspect of the game doesn’t lie in promises and discussions. Congressman tells his assistant that he is stepping back from the game.



Time for the third and final promises. The winner will eliminate two people and will select his team for the next game. Congressman withdraws from the election but he still has the voting power. Loan shark presses “truth” and promises to equally share the money. Do young promises to do whatever his supporters want. Time to see who supports whom. Do young gets Jamie’s vote. Loan shark gets three and the rest of the three doesn’t choose any party. Da jung’s gets worried Woo jin tells him not to and have a stare down with Do young. I like when they stare at each other.


Assistant is not happy with congressman’s decision as he will be in debt if he gets eliminated. Congressman tells him to believe in him and vote for the loan shark and he won’t be eliminated. He just has to act like he is with Do young and get the money from loan shark and give him the vote.


Do young asks to talk to bull-dog and has to pay as per the rules. Woo jin watches them and Do young looks at him. Bull dog is bitter because Do young betrayed, if not for cameras he had beaten him. Do young asks if Woo jin told them about the betrayal and hiding the money and that he still has a false promise. Oh noes, Do young is turning the game. He feigns ignorance about the secret money. He knew after Jamie told him. He isn’t the one who hid the money it was Woo jin. Did they check Woo jin’s or Da jung’s safes? He isn’t the one with the last false promise but loan shark as loan shark didn’t lie in the second round. Do young can’t give him a proof it’s all up to bull-dog if he wants to believe in him or not.


Jamie approaches actor. She says, she is going to vote for loan shark. She has a plan. She wants actor to persuade bull-dog and assistant to vote for Do young then she and him will have a larger share in loan shark’s money.



Do young’s next target is assistant. He thinks someone like assistant shouldn’t be with the congressman. Assistant asks if his promise is true or not. Do young asks why is it important? Elections were never about promises but winning.



Da jung worries as she sees actor talking to bull-dog and assistant. Woo jin is not worried as he knows actors game. Da jung again goes on, why doesn’t anybody trust anyone. Woo jin says no one will, because everyone here wants money. Girl, this is liar game. Things like “trust” and “truth” and “loyalty” doesn’t exist here. Things start to change when bull-dog tells the story Do young told him about Woo jin hiding the money. They think he was telling the truth. Woo jin notices their expressions and body language and knows something is wrong. He raises his hand but Do young beats him and calls for a group campaign first.


Do young and his way with words. Do young wants the participants to vote for him. Woo jin steps in to clarify the suspicions on him. He wants to open everyone’s safes but Do young says, that will make no difference. The money is in the president’s safe and its of the participants. And opening the safes will confuse them. He proposes to use Da jung to convince people because she can’t lie and has helped before. Do young makes a bet, see the safes or beg the participants to change their minds. Woo jin chooses to see the safes. Do young has a game ready, it’s called, flipping a coin. The one who flips will choose head or tails and he will be called the attacker. The other would be defender and have to guess if he is lying or not.



Do young goes on and on, on how Woo jin is called a human lie detector and he will be able to win such an easy game. Da jung doesn’t want him to play but Woo jin remembers what Do young said, win the game and he will know the truth. Some more rules. If the attacker wins he gets the point but if the defender wins, he will become the attacker and if he wins then he will get a point. Are you guys following me? First one to reach seven points will win. Woo jin asks him to start the game quickly and stop killing the time. He tells Do young to flip the coin first.



Do young flips the coin and puts it on the back of his hand and takes a look at it and says, its head. Woo jin reads his expression and asks what was the picture of heads again? Heads is a mask and tail numbers. Woo jin says it’s a number. Do young removes his hand and Woo jin is right. Woo jin gets the coin and flips and wins 3 games. Coin goes back to Do young. Woo jin guesses it right and gets the coin back and wins again 3 times. Meanie director is glad Do young is losing. Do young again gets the coin. He must have guessed right.



Woo jin enjoys his victory. This game will not be able to stop him. Do young reveals that he was letting Woo jin win all this time. He asks with a stoic expression if he is lying. Woo jin’s smile vanishes. Do young continues the game and flips the coin and says its tails. Woo jin looks at him and says its false and asks for the coin back. Do young hasn’t even showed the coin yet. He shows and Woo jin is wrong this time. No one can’t believe and me neither. Woo jin keeps losing and he himself can’t believe it. They are on a tie with 6 points each. Do young flips for the last time and calls heads. Woo jin tries to read him but can’t. He can’t believe Do young was controlling his expressions. He closes his eyes and open them and says, its true but it’s not. Do young wins the game. The look on Woo jin’s face. I have never seen it. He is stunned. Do young whispers in Woo jin’s ear that he was obsessed with the game. People don’t care about the truth. They believe what they want to believe and it becomes the truth. Now where have I heard this before. Do young flips the coin to Woo jin and he catches it. His expression changes to hatred. Is he hating himself for losing or hating Do young for playing with him.



Do young goes to the participants and says that even Woo jin was not able to win the game of true or false. They have overestimated him. I don’t want to hear him, look at Woo jin standing at the same position. Someone hug him or stay away, he is looking angry and sad. Back to Do young, he is asking to vote for him because he is likely to win. Finally, Woo jin moves and stares back at Do young.


Voting for the third round starts. Congressman asks assistant, who he will vote and he won’t say and he will not be working for him anymore. Time to announce the results and no surprise their Do young wins with 4 votes and loan shark has 3. Time to fulfill the promise. Do young thanks his team and apologizes as his promise was a false but they helped him and he will reward them for that. He gives $600K to three of them and gives nothing to Jamie. Her share goes to the eliminated lawyer. Do young says he will reward her too but in the next round that is if she stays loyal to him.



Do young eliminates the congressman and calls Woo jin’s name. Da jung’s heart dropped but Do young only wanted Woo jin not to look sad after losing one game. Do young asks assistant, what would he do after the game ends. He wants to run for the election from the same area as the congressman. Do young praises him and gives $900K for his campaign and eliminates him. He says he was impressed what Da jung did and wanted to do the same. Meanie director announces the end of the round 4. See you next time in the next round called “the smuggling game”.


Meanie director loses his temper with pd. He is not happy with Do young’s decision of giving the money away. Pd knows meanie director knew about Do young joining the game. He says it was Jamie’s idea. She asks if Jamie is not his person? Meanie says that he is not with them didn’t she see how Do young treated Jamie. Pd wonders if they, Jamie and him, both are being manipulated by Do young. She swears she won’t let Do young do what he wants as this is her show. Meanie director kicks the table in anger. Do young still has something to say to Woo jin. He has never lost a game. Do young asks for a handshake and Woo jin just looks at him.


Our sullen group sits together. Loan shark is drunk. He blames himself. Woo jin says it’s not his fault and loan shark blames him for not keeping the promise of protecting Da jung. Woo jin decides to leave but loan shark starts blabbing how dangerous Do young is. Woo jin clasps his mouth. He says, he will take him home. Da jung asks Woo jin not to be upset. They are still in the game and can win. Woo jin asks her not to trust him so much.



Loan shark tells Woo jin that he will kill him if he used Da jung for revenge. Woo jin asks his reason for protecting Da jung. He says, he is not who will con someone but will get conned. He went to jail for his love and she betrayed him. He decided to become a loan shark and the first person he met was Da jung. He sees his old self in her. He just wants that stupid girl to live happy in this crappy world. Aww Woo jin, hug him. Great way to ruin the beautiful speech. He starts to barf and remembers what is boss said about Do young. “He is not human. He is empty inside.”



Reporter tells her findings on the fortune-teller that she sold her shop at a high price and left. Lawyer was scouted by some famous company. He says he misunderstood the show, there isn’t anything illegal about it. Woo jin is not listening to her. He asks for the file on Do young. He asks if she has seen someone controlling micro-expressions. He thinks back to Do young’s various expressions. Reporter says no one can control that and only people like Woo jin can see them. Woo jin tells her that Do young can control it and it was his first time seeing someone do it. Reporter calls Do young, Woo jin’s rival. Woo jin sees the file again as he might have missed something before and he did. Do young’s previous address, “Walden Two”. Woo jin says, there is no such place in America. It was an imaginary place made by a psychologist B.F. Skinner and rumors say that 20 years ago it was also a name of a horrible experiment.



Pd meets Da jung’s father. How did she find him? This gets reported to Do young. He is sitting in front of the mirror. He uses his hand to hide his face and controls his expression. This is creepy.


Woo jin finds something regarding the experiment and pins it on the wall near Do young’s picture.




This is so awesome.

Is it me or the story has shifted from Da jung to Woo jin and Do young? I want to know more about Do young.

Jamie again got betrayed by Do young. Muhahha.

I still can’t help but think about Woo jin’s expression when he lost. How Do young played him twice. The whole scene was intense. Da jung was right about her feelings. She didn’t want Woo jin to play. I think its great that Woo jin has found someone or someone has found Woo jin to tell him that everything doesn’t go as per your desires.


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