Liar Game Episode 7


me trying to understand rules

me trying to understand the rules

Who made the 4th round so confusing? Why did you do that? Don’t you know my poor brain almost died trying to figure out the rules and whatnot? Do young, you devil you should have made the rules simpler.

Now that the stage is set for the 4th round. Be prepared for the unexpected scenarios. Do young, the man behind the curtain, what does he want? Does he want to show Woo jin that he is smarter than him or does he have some other agenda? How will Woo jin come out of this web carefully woven by Do young?

Episode 7

Woo jin grabs Do young’s collar and asks if he knows about him. Of course Do young does, after all Woo jin is famous. Woo jin knows there is a connection between the participants and asks if Do young know about Da jung’s father’s debt is because of him. Do young won’t tell him this easily. Woo jin has to win the game to get to the truth and the games will become difficult with strong competitors. Do young tells Woo jin to enjoy the game.


Back to the recording of the interview with Woo jin. Do young again asks the question. Why does he help Da jung? Woo jin replies he needs what she has, the ability to move people’s hearts. Da jung smiles and Do young asks if that means he is using her and will become her enemy if they advance to the final round. Woo jin will exactly do that because he has to win and then he will give the money to Da jung because he wants her wish to come true. What wish? Everybody can win, wish? Do young thinks it will become boring but Woo jin knows Do young would have ways to keep the game interesting.


Da jung tells Woo jin that he is a nice guy. Woo jin blushes, oh stop it you. Okay I need to stop writing my fan-fiction. Woo jin knows they will do everything to make him stop from going forward so he is doing it for himself.


Da jung goes home and the debt collectors are there. Loan shark tells her to go in and tames the people by telling how good and innocent she is. Da jung apologizes to him and he blabs that he quit his job and quickly covers it.


Loan shark goes to Woo jin’s place because he called. Woo jin steps out from the shower. Loan shark asks if he showered for him. HAHAHHA. Woo jin asks why he left his job and he says he just did and brags how he got rid of the debt collectors from Da jung’s house. Woo jin tells him the whole story about how Do young is behind everything and about his involvement in L company causing Da jung’s father to run away. He says he once suspected him and asks loan shark about how he came to work for his boss. Someone told loan shark that he is suitable for this kind of business. Woo jin asks him to find out the connection between Do young, L company and money money company (loan shark’s company) who name their company “money money”?


Time to learn the rules of the round 4 which is called “the president game”. The participants will be given three rounds to vote for their candidate. The most voted candidate in every round would get money and will have the authority to eliminate participants and would have the authority to pick the participants for the next round. In this round four people will be eliminated. None of the participants will be the candidates. They will have to search for one and the time limit is one day. When asked, what shall be the qualifications of the candidate. Do young quotes Tocqueville “In a democracy people get the government they deserve.” because of Jamie betraying them again and again they decide to stay together to get her. Woo jin watches the assistant.


Loan shark sneaks into his boss’ office and as he goes through the stuff to get any clue. The boss enters and loan shark hides. He tries to leave from the window and boss asks him to use the door. Eeep, he knows. Boss call his minions to beat the loan shark.


As Woo jin suspected, the assistant won’t be joining them because he is going to bring his own candidate. Loan shark is tied and gagged and is thrown in the trunk of a car. Someone reports it to Do young. Pd watches him. Assistant is bringing his congressman. Assistant tells him it will be a good for his campaign if he joined the show.


Everyone sits together wondering whom should they bring and that person should be trustworthy. Woo jin smiles as they all are working together on this. They don’t want to repeat the same mistake and want to take Da jung’s advice. Da jung gets a call from the boss about the loan shark. He wants her to pay the debt or loan shark will have to sell his organs and she can’t contact the police.


Meanie director shows a profile to Jamie for the candidate. She doesn’t like his choice because she has someone else in her mind. And they decide not to tell us for the moment.


Loan shark is about to lose his life. Is he babbling because he is drugged or they beat him senselessly? He asks if boss in one of Do young’s guys. Boss tells him something in his ear but he can’t hear what he said. Why is everyone whispering all of a sudden in this episode? Woo jin to save the day and he even brought Da jung and the filming crew with the pd. Loan shark can’t get injured as he is a part of the show. Da jung asks him to become president for them and he agrees.



As loan shark applies makeup on his face he wonders if he did agree to become the president. He doesn’t remember. Woo jin asks if he found anything. Loan shark remembers that something was said to him but he has no idea what.


Two people got the vote of 8 people. Loan shark has 7 people and the congressman has his assistant’s vote. Jamie asks to include someone and chooses Do young. Do young looks surprised. This was already planned. Pd argued that Do young shouldn’t join but the meanie director is one meanie guy. Do young thinks if more participants vote for him then he would have to take the chance. Pd asked about the host and Do young looked at meanie director and he laughed. Jamie was watching this.


It was Jamie who proposed that Do young should take part in the game to the meanie director. She convinced him and he liked her idea. But the idea didn’t come from Jamie. Do young was behind her. He wanted her to propose the idea to the meanie director.


Do young announces the result of the producers to the participants that if he gets more than 5 “NO” votes, he would stay as a host and will not participate in the game. Woo jin’s vote is crucial and he votes “yes” for Do young and has a condition, not to communicate with the staff and share whatever he knows about the game. Da jung asks Woo jin the reason. He says the participants would have betrayed. He is just giving them a chance to choose. Da jung decides to talk to other participants. Loan shark asks why he deceived Da jung and why does he want Do young in the game. Woo jin doesn’t want Do young to control them. He wants to fight with him face to face. Loan shark is scared what if they lose. Woo jin glares at him and asks, if he thinks he will lose? No, is the right answer. Woo jin swears he won’t let Da jung get hurt. Da jung on the other hand is trying to talk to the other participants. They believe in her but not Woo jin.



The 4th round will be played at a stadium. The three candidates are already at their positions and the host now for the show is the meanie director and he tells us the rules. *I will try to explain it.* the candidates will give promises and then the supporters will vote. After one hour of the campaigning, the participants will vote for the candidates. The winner will carry out their promise and will eliminate one participant. However, two things are important, the promises and the elimination. The candidate can lie about one of his promises out of three. Before the promise is given, the candidate will press a button, either true or false. If he presses false, the promise automatically becomes nullified. If he presses true and breaks the promise it will become false and if the false option is already used he will be eliminated. For the elimination, the winner candidate can eliminate one non-supporter. And the candidate who wins in the end will have the authority to eliminate participants, they can be supporters or non supporters plus the candidates.


Game money is revealed and its gold coins. There will be two types of money. One will be the presidents it will be $900K. And the participants will get $100K in every election. If some money is left after fulfilling the promises it will go to the winner. Meanie director says, he will tell the rest rules of the game on the go.


Time to hear the speeches. Congressman’s speech is done. Loan shark is already nervous and the participants help him to get more confuse. Jamie asks about his relationship with Da jung. Da jung slaps her with words that they have a relationship of trust. Do young holds the stage. He knows they have chosen him because they are scared of Woo jin. He, himself won’t let Woo jin, a con man to win the game. Oh he is good with his words. The candidates are given a time of 30 minutes to come up with their promises.


No one comes to loan shark’s side, except for Da jung and Woo jin. Loan shark thinks they should go Da jung’s style and should not lie at all. Da jung’s thinks they should lie in the first round and Woo jin agrees with her. Woo jin draws a scenario to decide where they have to lie. He chooses to lie in the end but what if the other teams decide to do the same? So they are going to lie first. They will make an obvious lie and the participants will know that the rest of the promises will be true, so they will vote for him. Loan shark says, he will fail the first election and what if he gets eliminated? Woo jin is focused on the other two and of course he knows a way to dodge the elimination.


Time to reveal the promises. The congressman pushes the truth button and promises that if he becomes the president. He will distribute the $900K and will give $100K to everyone. Loan shark presses a button but we don’t know which one. But we do know he is going to lie. He promises to give everyone $900K if he gets elected. We also don’t know what Do young pressed. He will collect $100K tax and will give $900K to his supporters.



Time to show support and vote. Da jung and Woo jin vote for loan shark. Assistant and fortune-teller vote the congressman. Jamie of course picks Do young and the rest of the four doesn’t choose any party for now. Some more rules. The non-party members can talk to anyone but the party members and candidates can’t. They would have to use money if they want to talk to them. Campaigning starts and everyone tries to gather more voters and supporters and wondering if the promises were true or not. Loan shark is panicking as no one is coming to his side. Da jung says they don’t need anyone. Woo jin is busy making a strategy for the next round.


Congressman uses his brain and calls for a group campaign. He uses the fortune-teller as she tells how successful they will be if they vote the congressman. She points out that Do young is a traitor. She is wrong about everything and is right about this. Jamie asks Do young if they call for a group campaign. Do young doesn’t think they need one as the game has already ended. He knows why loan shark made the false promise first.


Vote for your favorite candidate and the results for the first round is……Do young wins with seven votes and gets the key to $900K. Congressman has two votes and loan shark has none. As promised Do young takes the participants’ money as tax and will give the president’s money to them.


Fortune teller and assistant is taken away till Do young decides who to eliminate. Fortune teller screams her lungs out to put her back in the game and Do young does exactly the opposite. He eliminates her because she speaks unreasonably and has no right to vote. Fortune teller screams that she has seen his bad luck. That’s 1 down 3 to go.


Meanie director informs that they will continue after 30minutes with the next promise. The participants run to their booths to check the money. Da jung wonders if they should check too. No need as you can hear everyone’s cries. Do young’s promise was false same as loan shark’s. Da jung’s wonders if the participants will vote for loan shark now that they have received a blow from Do young. Woo jin and Do young have a stare down.


Time for the second speech. Congressman says the same thing Do young said in the first round. Loan shark promises that he will give all his money to his supporters. Do young proposes that he will divide the president’s money among the first three people. Right now there are four people who haven’t chosen a party yet. Lawyer, bull-dog, actor and sun glasses guy. Three who will press the button first will get the money. Jamie feels betrayed. Sun glasses guy hesitates and looks at Da jung and again chooses not to vote for anyone.


Da jung worries at this rate Do young will win with four people. Woo jin sees Jamie and thinks otherwise. Jamie hasn’t chosen any candidate. Woo jin explain that thanks to Do young’s step to gain voters, he has lost Jamie and now she has the charge of the game. Do young’s voters ask him if Jamie wasn’t in the plan. Do young tells that if he shared money with the four then his promise was the same as loan shark’s. He tells them to inform Jamie not to betray him or she will have to pay the price.



Jamie isn’t scared of the threat. Do young has discarded her and she thinks he will do the same with the rest of them. She tells the lawyer, she is going to vote for loan shark. She proposes a deal, make a team of four people with her and win the game. Lawyer talks to the other three. Da jung talks to sun glasses guy to join them. He doesn’t want to as he doesn’t trust Woo jin. Da jung tells him to trust in her and see Woo jin whom she trusts.


Jamie and her team literally join hands and tell the congressman that the can help him win but on one condition. The third election will be theirs. Da jung worries and Woo jin whispers something to loan shark. The plan must be to create disturbance in Jamie’s group. In which loan shark succeeds as Bull dog and he start to fight. They both get a warning and get isolated from everyone. Congressman thinks it was a plan of Woo jin and now bull-dog will join their team. He wants some readjustment for the third election. Jamie isn’t budging because both the teams will have equal number of voters. Congressman has a plan to win. Loan shark and bull-dog get released and loan shark acts chummy with him but bull-dog is not reciprocating the feelings.


Time to vote again. Congressman’s team votes first and then stands guard at the booth. No one can enter as they hold hands to make a barrier. They will stand guard until the voting time is over and no one can use force as it’s against the rules and they will be eliminated if they did. Congressman tells bull-dog it doesn’t matter if he changed sides. Bull dog yells that he didn’t change sides. Woo jin steps in and asks congressman not to speak so rudely. Congressman says he will eliminate bull-dog first and tells Woo jin to be nice to him if he wants to stay. Woo jin smiles and tells it would only work if congressman’s useless strategy worked. He has a way to remove them and cast the vote.




Phew, rules and rules and more rules and some more rules. I’m dizzy. The episode was good if they would just stop talking and show some action.

Do young took a back seat in the second half of the game. Hmm was he making a strategy for his next move or was he just watching the pawns trying to win?

It was nice to see Jamie getting betrayed by Do young. Muhahaha

What did loan shark’s boss whispered to him? Does he have something against Do young? Did he tell his weakness? Dammit loan shark, remember the damn thing.


See nothing much happened or so I think. I need some action it doesn’t matter if it comes from Woo jin or Do young.

I found a mistake. Loan shark’s face was clean when he was at Woo Jin’s house but when he gives Da jung and Woo jin a ride to the station why is his face suddenly bruised?

I come with proof.

Loan shark with Da jung.


Loan shark at Woo jin’s place.


Loan shark at the station dropping his buddies.



and then at the boss’ office he is clean.






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