My Thoughts and My Stuff -17-

myts 2

I didn’t want you to hear this from someone else, so I’m saying this to your face, “I don’t like you. ”

I’m a person who cherishes friendship. I don’t have many friends so I try to keep what I have but then the other person goes and screws the relationship. It’s not like I’m blaming the other person and not myself. Yes, I’m blaming the other person. Whom am I kidding?

I’m a very calm person until you start poking me, then I will bare my fangs and rip you apart.

This happened with me in my high school. I’m A, my classmate of 5 years is B and a new girl joins us, she is C. A and B welcome C with open arms. They soon become friends. A can sense that C wants to spend more time with B but she ignores that until C herself one day tells A in front of B and other classmates that“I don’t like you. I like B more and want to be her only friend. I hate when she spends time with you” A remains silent the whole time. B didn’t say anything either. The rest of the classmates told C that she’s being harsh. The bell rang telling us the end of the class. A thought the bell was a sign. “Its time to end the friendship.”

C somehow later realized that she was wrong and asked A for forgiveness. A in return said, “sorry, do I know you?” They both kept apologizing and B asked what was her fault in it and A said, “come to think of it, it started because of you, so should I toss you and become friends with C again?” Till the end of high school A never talked to B and C.

I have this habit that I like very much. Once I stop talking to someone, that person will never be able to enter my heart again.

My friend of 10 years didn’t bother to give an explanation of 10 minutes and left. I had no idea what I did wrong. It’s just that, she found someone else.

I’m not a good speaker but I’m a great listener and that’s how I get friends. Whatever the problems they have they share with me and everyone knows I’m not a gossiper and their secrets are safe with me. Even when the friendship’s over, I’m not a person who enjoys making people suffer though not talking to them is something different.

I once predicted my friendship will be over soon, at that time that girl didn’t believe me and said, “we will see”. And it did happen in a span of 4 months. Well you don’t need to be a Sherlock to notice if someone is ignoring you.

Am I evil?


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