Blade Man Episode 16


It was nice to see Hong bin worrying about cutie pie for once. He always treats him like a punching bag. Finally, head maid’s real identity is going to be revealed about what kind of special bitch she is. Both lovers of Hong bin are willing to give up for the other.

Episode 16

Hong bin and Seung hwan bring Tae hee and Se dong to the same clinic. Doc tells Se dong that she doesn’t need medicine and drugs but psychological counseling.

Hong bin has decided to stay by Tae hee’s side even though she told him to leave and never come back. Tae hee says she has gone crazy as she still has feelings for Hong bin. Hong bin and Se dong quietly breakup. Cutie is missing and no one knows where he is.

Daddy Joo is at Tae hee’s working place. Tae hee doesn’t want to meet him and asks Hong bin’s help. Hong bin accuses daddy Joo as usual for kidnapping Tae hee and taking cutie. Daddy Joo swears he didn’t do any of it.

Daddy Joo confronts head maid. He is sure she is the one behind. She too swears right and left and lies that she had no idea Tae hee was alive. All her life she wanted to hear some sweet and nice words from daddy Joo. He tells her to get rid of the feelings she has for him.

Tae hee and Se dong go on a date. Both want the other to have Hong bin. Se dong lies she can’t take care of Chang. Tae hee knows it’s a lie. Hong bin leaves to find cutie. Tae hee decides to leave without anyone knowing but Se dong catches her. She asks Tae hee about her condition. How she got that. Flashback, Hunter beat her up, flashback ends. She says she doesn’t want to tell.

Cutie is still absent. Hong bin tells daddy Joo that cutie means everything to him. He is his brother, friend, family. Cutie finally shows himself and cries as he never knew that he meant so much to Hong bin.

Hong bin asks where he was and cutie asks his master not to get angry. He was with the thugs and they ran away. He wanted to follow but saw a beautiful girl and followed her instead. He kept waiting for her for 2 days and finally got her number and a punch from her brother. He feels something is wrong with his body and collapses.

Hong bin could have taken cutie pie to the big hospital but instead he takes him to the clinic. Tae hee and Se dong are present too. Se dong quietly leaves. Hong bin asks Tae hee to live with him and she agrees but asks for a day.


Head maid goes to Tae hee’s house and daddy Joo catches her. She runs but still gets caught. She lies that Chang wanted to see his mother. She as a mother knows how it feels like to be apart from your child.

Gardener’s son barges in with the bribe gift. He throws it at Hong bin’s foot and punches him twice for making his father kneel for this and for talking informally to his father. Hong bin has no idea what’s going and asks the gardener.


Se dong drinks with her gang. Seung hwan can feel she is sad. He asks her, why does she always grant other people’s wishes and not to do anything for herself? He wants to know if there is anything she wants.

Head maid comes home and Hong bin is waiting for her. He asks her the reason for hiding Tae hee’s letter from him.




Phew, finally something will happen.

When will everyone know about the secret child of head maid and daddy Joo? Is it really their child? The cunning woman could have lied to have daddy Joo.

How will Hong bin ask for forgiveness from daddy Joo?

When will we now about Hong bin real dad? What will happen to daddy Joo and Hong bin?

What will happen to Se dong and Hong bin and Tae hee and Hong bin?

Cutie has a girl ^__^


4 comments on “Blade Man Episode 16

  1. Nissa75 says:

    Hi writer’nim,,,, nice to meet you šŸ™‚ may I ask total episodes of this drama? did they cut this from 20 to 18 episodes only?


  2. Paewwy says:

    What do u mean by “Hong Bin’s real dad”???? He’s not Daddy Joo’s son? When was it revealed in the previous episodes?


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