Liar Game Episode 6


Do young is seriously freaking me out. I think Woo jin’s assumption that everyone is connected might be true. I was wondering how would Woo jin enter the game and his entry was totally awesome. Do young is scary for sure. He is always wearing a calm expression when he is not glaring at the pd and telling her, his real motive.

Episode 6

Da jung loses to Jamie and as promised had to give half of her money. Loan shark helps Woo jin tricking the guards. Woo jin sneaks in and shuts down the power and I was surprised there was no generator? He dresses up as a staff and finds Da jung. She doesn’t recognize his voice first and starts fan-girling when she sees his face after the lights are up again. They hide from the cameras. He teases her on losing and I kinda loved it. She tells him how she is an idiot and thought everyone could win and ended up getting betrayed by Jamie again. He asks about the card game she played with Jamie. While reviewing, she finally realizes she had no chance of winning. Woo jin says its time to show what it means to betray.


Da jung approaches Jamie again asking her to play one more time. If Jamie wins, she can have all of Da jung’s money and if Da jung wins, she will take 12 stars from her. Jamie decides to play but the cards won’t be exchanged. She will still take the same face card and Da jung will take the joker card. Pd watches with Do young and thinks if Da jung still hasn’t learned her lesson. Do young thinks something must have happened when the lights went out and it’s going to be interesting.


Da jung and Jamie start playing and again Jamie is winning but Da jung has a plan given by Woo jin. She will have to let Jamie let her guard down and then strike. She puts a mark on Jamie’s card which can’t be seen. Jamie needs one more point to win but Da jung turns the table and wins the game.


Loan shark gets a call from his boss. Loan shark has enough of it. He starts cursing and swearing at him and tells him he won’t be working for him anymore. By the way loan shark is still waiting outside for any kind of news.


Time to know the results of the 7th round. Jamie goes to second last and Da jung is still at the bottom with 12 stars. Da jung’s bright smiley face is enough to tell Woo jin that she won against Jamie. Woo jin tells her that she will have to lie more to win and Da jung wants a win where everyone survives but she can’t think she can proceed with few stars. Worry not as Woo jin has a plan.



8th round changes nothing as Da jung is still behind. I couldn’t understand Da jung here when she asks Do young, why should they follow the rules made by him. Do young replies it’s a game she decided to take part in. Jamie rubs in Da jung’s loss in her face and tells her that even Woo jin was to come, he wouldn’t be able to help. I so wanted Woo jin to enter here and slam her face in the chair like “Tae Soo” does in “Bad Guys”.


Loan shark is still outside the mall. He is drinking and eating. Security guards asks him to leave but he won’t. Guard tells him the result of the 8th round.



Da jung approaches assistant for help. She wants Jamie to lose and assistant wants that too but he can’t help Da jung. She proposes him to sell his 9 stars for her remaining money. He calculates and she and Jamie will get a tie. He praises her and sells his stars.



The result of the 9th round surprises everyone as Da jung has the highest number of stars. She has freaking 75 stars. Da jung tells that she got them from everyone. Everyone goes “you fooled us”. Meanie director is not happy at all. He doesn’t think Da jung can pull this off by herself. The rest of the contestants are tied with 21 votes. Da jung tells Jamie she gave her three votes. Jamie yells at them for giving her the stars but the contestants had no reason to suspect as she promised to give her remaining money.



Jamie reads the contract and asks Da jung how will she give the promised money to all of them. Everyone calls her a fraud. Jamie tells Da jung’s money will be taken as it was in the rules. I love when Jamie called Do young, “Oi Kang Do young, isn’t it right?” and Do young is like, calm down gangsta lady. He tells that if Da jung fails to pay before the 10th round, her money will be taken. Everyone blames her for falling in her own trap. Jamie asks her why make a promise when you can’t keep. She can keep it, a voice comes from behind and its none other than our Woo jin.


Jamie starts whining, Woo jin can’t be here. I love Do young’s reaction, he shrugs. Woo jin reminds a clause that one bring anything they want. Woo jin calls himself a loyal and violent dog and he belongs to Da jung. He will rip anyone who tries to cause harm to his master. Okay, I need a dog like him. Where can I buy one? Everyone starts arguing if Woo jin should be here or not. Woo jin tells them to leave that for later and to look at their scores. For Da jung to be able to give them money she will have to sell her stars and they need stars if they want to stay in the game. Anyone who is interested is welcome.



Pd shows Do young that the meanie director is calling her. Do young says, they are doing what he wanted, to make the show entertaining. Pd worries what will happen and Do young tells her to decide as she is her partner not the meanie director. She takes out the battery from her cell phone.


Everyone wonders if they should buy or not. Jamie the betrayer says what if anyone buys one star and flips the game, chaos will happen. Lawyer thinks they need to earn money so even if they forfeit they will be able breathe. With all the discussion going on, Woo jin tells them about the eliminated contestants. Three people are missing and he went to one of the participants Myung jin’s house and she is disappeared. Lawyer shares that she came to him for help. She had spent some of her money and wanted to sue the show but the lawyer told him against it and after that he wasn’t able to reach her.


Do young brings the happy news for Da jung and us that Woo jin can stay in the game. Participants start crawling to them for some stars. I like how Woo jin has the control. He is sitting on a chair like a boss and is holding Da jung’s phone. Da jung is standing beside him. Woo jin tells them the price for 3 stars is $150k, take it or leave it and then he starts raising the price. Woo jin sees Da jung’s expression and tells her that it’s their fault for not taking the secure method, she offered. Everyone can win if they trusted each other but their greediness and selfishness took them to this result. Da jung wonders if anyone will trust her again. Woo jin tells her you can’t gather trust by believing in someone. If your trust gets betrayed, you have to show them, you can fight. That’s the only way for her to win in the long-term. Nervous guy comes for the stars second time. Woo jin tells $80K for one. He begs not to do this. Woo jin asks then why did they do that do Da jung. Da jung wants to help him because he talked to her but Woo jin doesn’t care as he is a dog. Da jung begs and Woo jin tells the nervous guy to give all of his remaining money and he will decide how many stars he will get.



For the last round everyone gathers back at the studio. Da jung’s stars will decide who will be eliminated and everyone starts begging and asking her. The result is that Da jung has 31 stars and seven people have a tie with 30 stars and the one who is eliminated is….not Jamie but the nervous guy. Nervous guy cries and asks, why him? Didn’t he tell them how hard his life has been. He doesn’t have a job and he is a hospitalized sick mother. Da jung thanks him for talking to him and tells the reason she has him eliminated. He is taking care of his sick mother by spending the prize money and now he has a debt. She has taken care of his debt so he can spend time with his family. Do young calculates all the debt nervous guy had and says Da jung decided to pay for him. He says she got extra $2M and Da jung says she wants to equally distribute among the contestants. This means she will have to play the fourth round.



Da jung used to think that maybe this show was made to trick people but after playing she realized it was a test to see if people trusted each other. Do young asks the nervous guy for his few words. Nervous guy apologizes for tricking a naïve girl like Da jung and not helping her and thanking because now he can look after his mother. He starts crying and everyone follows. I love when Do young sniffs and tries to control his emotions, the way Woo jin looked at him was priceless. Do young asks Da jung, what would she do in 5-10 years. He thinks being a charity worker suits her. Oh noes look at Woo jin. He even asks Woo jin’s opinion and he quietly leaves. Do young continues like nothing happened and says the third round of Liar Game is over.


Loan shark shares his side of story like what was going on with him when she was inside losing and winning. Woo jin lies on his bed and looks at his mother’s picture. Pd asks Do young if he is hiding something from her. She believes his purpose to make the show was genuine. He wanted to expose people’s dishonesty which shows itself when faced with huge amount of money. But now she is starting to get suspicious, she is feeling he is obsessed with Da jung and Woo jin. Do young laughs and says that it feels like they have started playing Liar Game too. He leaves and pd stops him by making him turn. She doesn’t want him to change the subject. Do young looks into her eyes and tells her that his purpose for starting the show is not genuine but its noble and its nothing personal. He says in her ear if she needs more explanation.


Da jung reads about Woo jin’s mother. Her worker friend notices that tomorrow is that lady’s death anniversary. Da jung waits for Woo jin outside his house. She wants to go with him. He looks at her as she prays at his mother’s altar. She asks him about his mother but he stays silent. He takes her to an orphanage. His mother used to run. She again starts asking questions and he stares at her. She apologizes, she doesn’t remember her mother and wanted to know his relationship with his mother. Woo jin tells her that he used to come with his mother and played with the other kids. They sometime spent some days here and the kids used to call his mother “mother” and she used to treat them like they are her own kids. He hated her for that but doesn’t remember much because he doesn’t want to. Da jung wants to know his mother’s personality. Woo jin tells her, she used to trust everyone and meddled in other people’s business. Da jung asks if that’s his reason to study psychology because he wanted to protect her. Woo jin doesn’t think one can protect like that, it just helps to understand people and he failed at that.


Woo jin turns the talk to her and tells that he can’t understand her. Why did she have to distribute the money. Da jung doesn’t want to survive alone. Woo jin asks if she remembers what she said, when they first met. Flashback- his mother saying, if its wrong to believe in someone. Flashback ends. Those were the last words of his mother and he heard the same thing when he came out of the prison and from a stranger. He calls her a burden and she apologizes. He tells her not to worry because he will dispose her if she didn’t win.


Time for another sparring between Woo jin and Do young. Do young interviews Woo jin because viewers are opposing his comeback. Woo jin wonders why it never crosses people’s mind that the clause, “you can bring anything you want” was a plan from the beginning. Do young asks the next question, why is Woo jin helping Da jung to such lengths. Woo jin pretends something. I couldn’t read him. He asks for a break.


Woo jin and Do young turn off their mics and Woo jin asks about the L company. Do young knows because it was in the news. Woo jin asks if all the contestants are somehow related to the company. Pd watches them and wonders when they became close. She can’t hear them as the mics are turned off. Pd gets a suspicious phone call. The caller threats her and asks her to cancel the show and its nothing new for her. The caller keeps saying “my Da jung” and starts crying. Pd realizes that its Da jung’s father.


Woo jin is still persistent that there is some sort of connection between the players and L company and it even includes Do young. Do young rolls his eyes and tells Woo jin to trust him. Yeah right, you have a game show called Liar Game and want the other person to trust you. Oh look at the irony standing beside you. Do young walks closer to Woo jin and says the freaking same line, “if its wrong to believe in someone”. Do young smiles and Woo jin grabs his collar and asks if he knows him.




Frankly and truly I didn’t like the last episode, it was a bit slow and OHMYGOD this episode is one of the best of the best.

Pd and Woo jin are right, there’s something Do young is hiding. And I want to know that.

What’s so important about that L company? Who is that missing lady, Myung jin? I don’t remember her and they are deliberately not showing her face.

Why did Woo jin avoided the question about helping Da jung? He is not someone, who would get nervous and have a panic attack.


3 comments on “Liar Game Episode 6

  1. mochas says:

    Loving this show as well, do you happen to know the music that plays at the end during DY-WJ confrontation with mics off? Anyway I suspect the reason why WJ didn’t answer the question was because he partly helped her due to guilt for causing her father to be in debt, which caused him to indirectly cause her to be in her current situation.


    • Miss Khan says:

      sorry, can’t help with that. I was busy holding my breath and staring at my screen without blinking. that’s how intense the scene was. I love it. sorry for my rambling.
      Woo jin could have said anything but he behaved unlike himself. may be he wanted to talk to Do young and grabbed the chance.


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