My Thoughts and My Stuff -15-

myts 2

I have heard that Asians look younger than their age. Well it’s not true in my case because I freaking look older than my actual age. Grrrrr

In high school girls started to lie about their age and I thought “why?” now I know. At one point I was the youngest in my class then my younger sister came. Grrrr

On my 18th birthday my friend asked me about my age and I told her the truth and she thought I was lying. I convinced her and then she stared at me and said, “you look freaking old.” grrrrr

Me and my 3rd brother is 6 years apart and we look like we have a one or two-year age gap. Me and my sister are a year apart and we look like we are 4-5 years apart. Grrrr



2 comments on “My Thoughts and My Stuff -15-

  1. FF says:

    Hahhaha omg laughing soo hard.
    I’m totally opposite from you. I’m in uni and ppl think I’m a 15 yr old kid.
    Guests think that my younger sister is the oldest and that I’m the middle one :-[
    I’m just there like, thanks for the compliment … But No!!!


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