The Three Musketeers


I have just finished watching “The Three Musketeers” season 1. Wish I could say all three seasons and it has a happy end.

No, this is not a review but me just going crazy.

As usual, I didn’t saw the trailer and jumped in when episode 5 or 6 was airing. T_T mistake of my life. I should have waited for the first season to end. The wait was too much to bear but it was worth it.



Three Musketeers is the story of Park Dal hyang and how he met the three musketeers and his journey with them. The story was written and directed beautifully and I love the OST. The actors did a splendid job in their respected roles. The bromance was cute and sweet and of course everyone rooted for prince and princess to be together. I fell in love with the princess and wanted her for myself but the innocence in her was for her prince and so I had to back off.



Hyang sun/Mi ryung’s greed knows no boundaries and maybe that’s the source of her coming back to life again and again. She won’t die until she is satisfied.


Why was Min seo dressed as a girl in the end? Why? Just why? He was looking so pretty, not fair, when I as a lady…. T_T



When is the second season coming? I want all the cast back or I will cry.



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